My appt today : )

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My appt today : )

I had my regular monthly appt today with my family Dr.

He said my sugar levels were just a tad high after the 1 hour test (they were an 8, they want 7 or under) so I will be doing the 2 hour this Saturday. I'm glad to know they weren't super high, but I guess I should still watch my sugar intake. DS was 9 lbs 7 oz (granted he was 10 days overdue) but I DON'T want a bigger baby this time!

I mentioned my pubic bone pain and he said that was another indicator of a big baby - since your pelvis spreads apart in prep for the birth.

So hopefully my 2 hour test goes OK, but I should start watching my sugar Sad No more Slurpees!

My fundal height is right on at 24 weeks, and baby's heartbeat was nice and clear.

I gained more weight :eek: I am now up to 158 lbs, from about 138. So I've already gained 20 lbs, hopefully I can slow it down!

We made my referral to the OB, I generally start seeing her around 30-32 weeks. So I'll likely see my family doc 1 or 2 more times before I switch care.

That's all! Now I'm just going to spend all my time praying for this baby to not get too big!

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wow, awesome!!!!

I'm so happy the LO was so healthy. Yahoo

KUP on the results of your two hour - again, I'm sure you'll be a-ok.

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Well other than big baby news and your two hour test, congrats on a great appt!

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{{{Non giant baby vibes}}}

GL with your next GD test...I hope you get good results.

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Bummer on the GD test, I have to do the 2nd test too. Wish my doc would have told me what number made me 'slightly high' it might have made me less nervous. I'd do the test earlier too but am leaving town tomorrow for a week. I will eat better too, no more twizzlers as a after dinner snack Sad

I don't remember - at ultrasounds had you any indication this baby was big so far? Good luck with your GD Test#2!

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I am 21 lbs so far, I watched what I ate and still gained!!!!

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Glad the appt went well...good luck with the GD test. I would not worry at all about 20lbs. You are tiny...all my tiny friends gain more will come off quickly. My book says it is normal to gain around 16-20lbs right you are right on track Smile