My belly had its first pat!

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My belly had its first pat!

So I had to go and have blood done for my thyroid and a full blood count etc...and the nurse and I get on very well.
In fact she gave me her number today so I can keep her updated. Smile
Anyway...she had great joy from patting my tummy saying how I was showing.
Tried to explain I have a fat tum anyway...but it just can't get held in anymore and she was like...its gorgeous show it off!!!
Shes soooo nice!!!!

Doc popped in too...said I don't have GD...WTF???
Considering he said I didn't have ulcerated collitis at one point too I think I'll stick with what the experts say.
Seeing him Sat..and God knows when I'm seeing the diabetes team again..lots to say on this but I'll wait until I have all my facts before moaning. stress I have a scan to look forward to in 2 hours 25 mins!!

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can't wait to hear about your scan! hope you get some good pics of the peanut!

so wait, you DON'T have GD? well, hey, that's great news! (just don't go eating alot of sugar b/c you don't want to get it later in the pregnancy!!)

did you have to go off colitis meds when you became pregnant?

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I don't know what I have...the diabetes experts say yes I have it. My doctor disagrees.
Will wait until I talk to midwife again.
still doing what I was told and eating healthily and measuring sugar to do that in about 10 mins just before I leave for the scan!

No...didn't come off steroids.
I just have pregnancy friendly steroids.
I need them until the preg hormones kick in properly and can keep the collitis in remission.

So I'm out of here in 10 mins...I am sooo bricking it!!!

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good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good luck, will check back later!

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People sure do like to pat the goods.