My big boy! 1 month apt

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My big boy! 1 month apt

Today Rory went in for his 1 month apt. He is now 12 lbs 12oz and 23 1/2" The doctor asked me if my husband was a big guy LOL and he's not at all 5'11" and 170 lbs he's pretty average. We just make big babies. Evan was a pound less at his 1 month apt but was born a pound less - so similar overall gains. Today Rory is wearing a 3-6 month outfit and a 6-9 month onesie under (but frankly the gerber onesies run way small IMO).

Everything looked good and I can't believe he's a month already!

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aw, big boy!!

my guy is still in newborn clothing and yours is in 6-9 months! wow!!

congrats on a great appointment. always nice to have a nice and normal appointment Smile

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OMG your baby and mine are the exact same size...almost. Carter is 12lbs 14 oz...but he's a month older than Rory! You grow some big healthy babies!

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Way to grow Rory! Lol that's some good weight for 1 month, we're 12+ at two months ~ but then again u started out pretty healthy too!

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Holy WERE a wet nurse in a past life, haha. Nice work! I'm pretty sure Laszlo is right about the same size as Rory!

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Way to grow Rory!! Trystan is also just getting into his 3-6 month clothes... they get too big too fast!

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Wow, Katie, Rory is a big boy! Logan at 6wks is just over 12lbs.. I am sad though, because he never was a "baby". You know, little and cute. Instead he's a tank, and cute Smile

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HAHA I'm the opposite. Little bitty 6-7lb floppy babies are kind of scary. I like mine born like one month olds holding their heads up with some weight to them! I wouldn't know what to do with a tiny little bity newborn Smile

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Way to grow! I like them big and strong too Wink 10 lb newborns still feel small and itty bitty to me!