My Sweet Baby Devin! 3D Ultrasound Pics

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My Sweet Baby Devin! 3D Ultrasound Pics

I had appts with both my Peri and my OB yesterday (offices are right next to each other). My Peri did a growth scan to see how LO is doing. I was suprised that he did the scan himself instead of his technician. He wanted to do it of the reasons why I love him (with DH's permission! LOL).

First thing, baby Devin is head down and doc said he's not flipping. Placenta is out of the way (I had low lying placenta early in second tri) and everything looks perfect for the natural birth I am planning for. What started to look like a regular ultrasound quickly turned into a treat when doc clicked a few buttons and I saw my sweet Devin's face for the first time!

I got misty eyed! Did you see those cheeks? Then, something amazing happend. As doc was moving the wand, Devin kicked me in the ribs. I took my hand to move his foot and I guess he didn't like that because he made a frown with his eyebrows! It was like watching a movie! Then he took his umbilical cord and put it in his mouth like a teether! Doc quickly took a pic and this is what he got:

DH and my FIL makes the same face with their eyebrows too! I was in awe with my little miracle! Devin is healthy at 4 pounds even and his heart, spine, kidneys are all beautiful! I tell ya, I never get tired of good news!

After that amazing show, I floated over to my OB's office on cloud 9. Blood pressure is just fine and I only gained 2 pounds in 4 weeks! I am so happy...had to share with you all! After the journey DH and I have been through TTC, I'm so grateful for a healthy pregnancy and thriving little boy!! Smile

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Great story! That's amazing you were able to see his reactions like that!!

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What a wonderful experience! That's so cute that he did that with the umbilical cord... I would never have guessed that they would even touch that in there! Congrats on a good appt!

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I've never thought about the baby playing with the cord either! That's why it was so neat to see it on the screen. This all just makes this experience so real... He already has a personality in the womb! Pregnancy is absolutely amazing!!

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I'm so happy for you! What a great size, and how cool that he looks like your DH/FIL.

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How fantastic! I've heard about babies playing with the umb cord, sucking it etc but it must be completely something else to see it happening! Adorable about frowning when you moved his foot from your ribs, lol. Great photos, awwwww. Congrats on a gr8 appt too

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That is beyond awesome. What a great story and keep sake