My US friends!!

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My US friends!!

How much does a normal vaginal birth cost??

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awesome question!

I have an acquaintance who just had a normal, healthy vaginal delivery at a hospital in rural Washington and it came to $13,000.

I was googling for national averages - looks like about 8k is average? I bet Tamara and Nancy could shock us with prices in LA/NY.

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Hospital costs...IDK

But OB delivery + prenatal is about 3800 for vag, 4500 for csect in TN

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That is insane. I couldn't imagine having to pay that much.

I'm kinda glad that i live in Canada for things like this.

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"SamanthaX3" wrote:

That is insane. I couldn't imagine having to pay that much.

I'm kinda glad that i live in Canada for things like this.

No kidding me too! Even if we have to pay higher taxes for healthcare. At least I don't have to see those crazy numbers on a bill!

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Umm I had a drug free delivery which I think made it a lot cheaper. Our insurance covered everything but like $200 (I'm very lucky to have very good insurance). But I want to say the total for a vaginal birth of a healthy baby was like $7-8000, I did have IV antibiotics b/c I was Strep B +. I can't even begin to imagine what the costs look like if there are complications in mom or baby, surgery etc. The thought of not having insurance terrifies me.....I envy you Canadians higher taxes and all!

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Oh I don't have to pay that much. It's only 500 out of my pocket for my doctor and hospital bills. You Canadians are lucky but I see problems with their healthcare system and I'll gladly fork over the cash in the US.

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We have free healthcare in NZ but we pay higher tax rates due to this. Doctors visits are subsidized where I only pay $17 per visit, and under 6's are free. In saying that we do have health insurance so we are reimbursed for doctor visits and any resulting scripts.

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i have good insurance through the hospital where I work. All my pre-natal care is free. my total bill for the delivery, including the epidural, was about 4,000 pre-insurance. I stayed two days. I only had to pay about 500$ total for the whole thing. If I had not had the epidural the stay would have been free after insurance.

I live in the USA, Pennsylvania

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I can't imagine if you guys did not have insurance to cover the majority of the cost. For me the biggest cost will be the parking Smile When DS was born he was in the hospital for 4 months...can you imagine what that bill would have been. I did have a Canadian friend that was in the states when she had her DS at 26 weeks. So he was in the NICU and I believe needed a couple surgeries before she could come home. Well she was still paying that off five years later....yikes! I think all the health systems have their pros and cons.

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All insurances are different of course, but I think the total bill from the hospital for my birth (not the bill, as I didn't have to pay it, they just sent me a copy of what had been paid by insurance for my delivery... which was vaginal) was between six and seven thousand dollars, that was with the epidural. I believe they charged at least $1200 for that! That, of course, was not including all of the prenatal care I received from my OB office for the nine months... I never saw a bill for that, I just paid my $20 co-pays. It's crazy how much something we were built to do naturally costs when we want to just make sure everything will be OK!

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I had an induction, which failed, epidural, stadol, etc. resulting in a c-section....the bill from the hospital came to around $25k. Including room, meals, circ for baby, his care, my care, everything. We had AMAZING insurance, and I only had ONE $10 copay at the beginning of the pregnancy--I had to call the hospital after I got the bill and saw the end balance of $0 (after what insurance paid and excluded), just to make sure we didn't have any balance owed to them.

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My bill ( not really a bill a statement showing what they paid)For my oldest was about $12000 including hospital,and the babys care. I had decent insurance and I only paid $250 out of pocket to the hospital. I also had a $100 ob prepay and then all my visits were totally covered.