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I can't remember if I told you all yet as I am not a regular poster.. I do try... but with a 9 month old and all the crap I need to do or at least try to do I am not as regular as I would like:(

But I am having another girl....

And we have decided to keep the name for this baby secret. Reason being with Kayrael we were giving a lot of flack about the name and how she will have trouble spelling it and everyone will pronounce it wrong and all that stuff..

So I think I have shared our name with you guys, but like I said I can't remember what I have posted.. lol. Our name we have picked out and that Rob has fallen in love with is Keira.

Her full name would be Keira Rella B. Rella is his grandmas name. I don't think anyone will have an issue with this name but I don't want the drama of last time.

Are you keeping your name a secret?

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No...but I sort of wish we had?

We're going with Laszlo, and we thought about it for around a month before sharing. Friends loved it and some family freaked out - but are slowly warming up to the name.

If we have any more children, we'll almost certainly be on team green and keep names under wraps until the end. I keep having these dreams where SO and I have two little boys - which would be wonderful except I don't know we could EVER agree on another boy's name.

And I LOVE both Keira and Kayrael.

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Kayrael is pronounced Kay-ray-el and for some reason people can't seem to break it down like that. My brother actually calls her crayola. Nice huh. So when people ask her name I say Kayrael but then quickly tell them they can call her Kay for short. It's funny though cause my 5 year old said it with no problem right away but my parents and brothers and everyone all had issues pronouncing her name..
I think they just like to be difficult.

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I am sorry that your family is so childish about your DD's name. Honestly, just grow up and learn how to pronounce it. It's a beautiful name! I bet they don't have problems with pronouncing Israel!

I also love Keira- 2 of my girls also have K names...
I feel the same way as you do, we have gotten so many "dissapointed" faces when announcing a possible name in the past. I remember when we were expecting a girl, we thought of Celeste and this friend of ours cringed and then smiled and said: " That's a nice name" in the most unconvincing way....
So this time it annoys me when people keep asking b/c I don't necessarily want to share!
We are leaning towards Nicholas though.

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We never end up deciding the name until after they are born, but we do usually share our ideas with family. I can totally understand people wanting to keep it under wraps though!

After DD was born, and we named her Ella, I was talking to my granny on the phone. She said " nice thing about it is that you can't really shorten it, so she won't get a funny nickname..." LOL :rolleyes: I could tell she didn't like it!

My MIL tends to like my name choices so far, and she thinks DH's name choices are funny! Kinda nice to have her side with me Biggrin LOL!

I still like Oliver for this boy, but I'm not *completely* sold on it. DH still wants Maverick :eek: which is not my style at all. We discussed doing "Oliver Maverick" last night but then we discovered his initials would be O.M.G. :eek: Ha ha! Maybe not.

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"sandraleigh" wrote:

I still like Oliver for this boy, but I'm not *completely* sold on it. DH still wants Maverick :eek: which is not my style at all. We discussed doing "Oliver Maverick" last night but then we discovered his initials would be O.M.G. :eek: Ha ha! Maybe not.

ROFL I liked the name Laszlo Orion, but his initials would be L.O.L. Not so much!

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My sons initials are J.A.M. And for the longest time my brother would call him jam, he still does sometimes.. lol..

But I do have to say OMG and LOL are a bit funnier then Jam. lol. Just think if this was 10 years ago you would have used those names and not even given a thought to the initials because OMG and LOL were not around back then.. My how times have changed.

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I love all the names for everyone! I too know how you feel about getting flack about names my fav name was hunter.. I wasnt telling the fam untill my dh and I had choosen a name by my mom kept pushing and trying to guess the name and then she said" God I hope it's not hunter" I was crushed and mad too, I didnt talk to her for a week. and then when we saw the u/s pic we thought parker was a better fit Smile so I agree secret is a great way to go!

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"sweetsriracha" wrote:

ROFL I liked the name Laszlo Orion, but his initials would be L.O.L. Not so much!

Haha that's so funny! And Sandra OMG!

I haven't had anyone say anything about DS's name or this LO's, too which I am glad because I would get sick and tired and telling everyone to go shove it.

Keira is such a lovely name, my cousins daughter is named that and she is such a sweet energetic little girl.

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I think it's a beautiful name! We have told friends and family our baby's name, because I don't care what people think lol! All of my children have unique names and I'm the one carrying them, pushing them out, and raising them... so I'll name them what I like!! We're going with the name Trystan Magnus, and my parents absolutely hated it. It hurt my feelings, but I didn't faulter one bit and now they actually like it.

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great names!!

I have been surprised at peoples THEY have a say in what we name OUR kid!! I think we are going to wait until he is born before we share.

We still don't have a name, it changes every week!

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I love the name. My friend's daughter has that name and its adorable.

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I love the name!! We too are keeping our name a secret but I will not commit to a name until I have her...although DH is pretty set on the name he chose. I like it but just want to if I say for sure that this is her name then I will probably slip up one day. I really don't think it is right for families or friends to share if they don't like the name. Once the baby is here and they get to know him/her the name will fit no matter what it is.