name for our little girl!

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name for our little girl!

We decided on a name for babygirl!!! Trinity Margaret Smyth S.... Margaret is after my great aunt on my mom's side (practically one of the only people on that side of the family I would consider naming a child after, besides my Grandma and somehow my mom...), Smyth was my dad's mom's maiden name. its tradition for kids in that family to have a last name from a previous generation as a middle name. Thus, my Aunt's middle name is Townley, and my Uncle's middle name was Brinckerhoff. And Smyth is pronounced Smithe, not Smith.

I have been working with DS on saying Baby Trinity, and he gets "too tee tee" and "too tee" "and "too it tee" out pretty clearly. And last night he said "trinny" Not bad for a 19 month old. He also will put his hand on my belly and say "hi beebee sisser" when prompted.

I think her nickname will be "trin", "Trey" or "trinny".


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Congrats on coming up with her beautiful and meaningful name!!!
I am impressed with Jack's verbal skills- he will be talking in full sentences very soon!

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Congratulations Anne & baby Trinity! I already pictured Trinny for short Smile how cute DS is chatterboxing to her already.

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Great name! Congrats on deciding on a name!

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Love the name! Awsome naming tradition!

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Jack and Trinity - very nice Smile Love the name

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Very pretty name Smile

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Beautiful name! I've been working with DD on Trystan's name, she says it pretty good! She always points and says, "Baby brother in there? He's coming out of your peepee?" Lol I told her how baby brother gets herem but not her older brothers! I firgured she's a girl, so she can be in the loop (even though she's only 2)!!!

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I like that name ! (:
It's something unique that you don't see too often,
exactly what I want for my child. :3
Congratz by the way!!

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We havent talked about how the baby is getting out of my belly-he's still little and doesn't quite understand. We talk about our friend's baby, Baby Logan, and how he lived in Auntie Steph's belly and now we get to play with him. That's really as far as we go...

Thanks for the feedback! I love the way it sounds...and it's not quite what Jack's name was going to be if he was a girl. That was Trinity Helen. Smile

I just picture my blondies playing together in a few years--tall skinny Jack with his brilliant smile and sweet little Trinity with her big blue eyes and blonde curls.

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Beautiful name!