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So DH picked a name he liked when we were 17 weeks PG. It was on my list and has become a fave of mine. It is a simple name but I thought it was not popular. And since it just came out of DH head we never looked at lists. Well I just found out that it is in the top 20 all over the place. I am kind of disappointed. I still love the name and don't think I can change it but I did not want a really popular name. That being said we named Jacob 3 days after we had him and I got the name in a dream. We had no idea it was so popular and I would never change his name. He is such a Jacob. I have no idea why this bothers me. Does it mattter to anyone else if your name is popular or not?

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i may be in the minority here but i prefer a more popular name to a name that's 1) weird or 2) spelled "wrong". sure your kiddo might have a friend in the class with the same name but i think it's better than names that are different just for different's sake. does that make sense?

also, you should name your baby a name that YOU like and a name that you feel will make that baby a happy one for the rest of his/her life. and if it happens to be a popular one, who cares?? my kid's name is thomas! that's not exactly exotic!

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We changed from Emily to Maya for the same reason! (note that Maya is extremely rat
rare here although it's popular in the rest of the continent). However Emily isn't just top twenty, it's number one by a mile! I'd be very happy with a name listed after seven or eight.

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I think it depends on how you feel about it. I would not want a #1 or 2 name. But one of our names is a top 20, but DH and I agree, and that is what really matters....

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I wouldn't pick a top 10 name, but top 20 would probably be OK by me. That being said, if I LOVED the name and then realized it was top 10, I still might use it.

When we were considering Oliver (we aren't any more) I was worried that it's #20 in Canada and I was afraid it was going to climb even higher this year. But I don't think that would have stopped me from using it, since I love it. (But DH doesn't love it, so I've moved on)

Now the names we are considering are not quite as popular (can't see them on the top 20 or even 100 for last year).

Overall I think I'd have a problem with using a #1-#3 name, but other than that, not too concerned.
We picked Ella for DD in 2007 and randomly discovered afterwards that it was popular that year. She might meet a few other Ella's in school, but it's not CRAZY popular.

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I have a Jacob too! Which has been #1 for sometime and I think he has yet to have a Jacob in his class. I also have an Ethan which has been in the top 5 Last time I checked he was #3on the list. but hes 5 now(almost 6) and we have had a few Ethan's in his class. And then I have an Emily which is a #1 name. she is 2. So I think it just depends on what you like and want.

Good Luck!!

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DD's first name 'came to me' from a popular boy's name I modified. I googled it and was reassured when I learned there were other females (like 3, lol) in the world with the name. My first name is very unusual so I like unusual names & cross-gender by nickname so I have no issue with that, kwim? DH`s name Jeremy is still fairly unusual here too, he never had to share a class with another Jeremy either. Anyway we paired DD's unusual first name with her top-3 middle name for a couple reasons including that it`s so popular if she chose to use it when she's older and feeling uncomfortable with `standing out`. Anyway that was our thought process, but if I totally loved a firstname that was top 3 I would just pair it with an unusual middle name, or add a nickname.

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Well, with DS, being John (Jack) the fifth, we really didn't have a choice. There's always going to be John's and Jack's around, so he will be known as "Jack S" or "John S" at school. Oh well, its an awesome name and totally fits him. When he was born the nurses said "he looks like a Jack!!!"

For DD, we chose a name that is not popular but you do hear it occasionally. Trinity--and its NOT because of the Matrix movies (which we do love). Its not too "out there", and its not mis-spelled or anything like that, but its definitely an individual name.

That said, I probably wouldn't choose any of the "popular" names, because I just don't really care for them. I think you should choose a name that you like because its your child. The other consideration I have for names is it can't look funny when you picture it up on a brass nameplate followed by the letters "CEO" or "President". That's it.

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One of the names we like is Hannah, and it definatly bothers me that it's so popular. My mom works in a daycare and assures me that they've never had a Hannah, so I'm hoping that it's just not that popular 'around here.' I have met several little girl Hannahs in the last couple of years and I was glad I didn't give the name to Tyler, but we keep going back to it for this baby because we still like it alot.
I guess it really depends on how in love with the name you are. I HATED having another kid in my class with my name, it was really a bother.

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I think if you LOVE the name you should go for it! Your baby will always be unique to you so name it whatever you love!

That being said there are some popular names I probably wouldn't pick just b/c I know SO many people with kids with that name - like Aiden - when naming Evan I liked Aiden but there were SOOOOOO many we knew - I can think of 5 off the top of my head. But if I truly loved it then whatever I'd go for it!

Of course I haven't named this baby b/c I don't LOVE anything and it's making me CRAZY!!!!

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I definitely don't do popular names (check my siggy!). I always felt growing up that mine was pretty popular, among the Jessicas, Kimberlys, Stephanies, Ambers... yada yada, so I never wanted to do that to my kids. I wanted them to have a name that would for sure be the only one in their graduating class, but not be too weird that they got made fun of for it!

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If you love it and identify with it, it's what you should go with. There were 3 Abigails in my son's kindergarten. It was kind of cool!!!

We are going with Nicholas. I bet it's up there in charts, but I don't care!

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Thanks guys. I really think we will go with it...I like it to much to not. 8 days and you will know it too Smile

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I can't wait to finally learn your DD's name!!!