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Names :)

Well, of course DH and I are still mulling around on names. I'm sure we won't finalize it before he is born, since we never do, but I thought I'd get your input Biggrin

Oliver is out the window since I know DH doesn't really love it. He started us back on the "E" names by suggesting Ezra and Emerson a few weeks ago. Thankfully I like both of these! He'd really like Eldon, but I'm vetoing that. (yuck)

So - thoughts on:

Ezra Benjamin
Emerson Blake

Any other ideas for middle names?

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**Lurker** I like Emerson! What about Oliver for a middle name? 1 of LeLands middle names is Oliver!

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I like Emerson, but can I suggest Easton? It's manly!

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I love love love love ezra. always have actually.

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I totally love Emerson! If you're going the one syllable, starts with a "B" route for his middle name, I like the one you have already with Emerson, but here's a few other suggestions:

Blaze (or Blaise)

Good luck! We're still up in the air with our middle name, too... or should I say I'm up in the air, as DH doesn't want to change Magnus lol...

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I like BOTH names you have suggested Sandra!

(If you were to use Blaise I MUCH prefer this spelling... Blaze not much)
I'm now trying to think of other E names.... You've got me thinking. It's like when you can't get rid of a song you heard!

You'll need to have a lot more sons to use up all the names. Wink

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Oh I really like Ezra!!!

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Thanks for the input guys!

DH is doing one of those "Whatever you want" things :rolleyes:

I said, "Not whatever I want, I'm trying to collaborate here, so stop agreeing with me!"

What's funny is all of these names are ones he has suggested over the past few weeks, I just arranged them nicely together. None of them are even my suggestions!

I'm sure we'll decide.......eventually.

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*lurker* (stalker) lol

I like them both Sandra! much much better than Eldon Smile

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I tried (with zero success) to convince SO we should use that name for a while. He didn't bite.

But I'm also very partial to hard consonants - Laszlo and Ezra even sound kind of similar Smile

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I pick Ezra although I like them both. I am sure it will be easy when you hold him to pick it...I knew when I held Lily that we picked right.

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Sandra - how about "Elder" ROFL ok, not helpful

I would go with Ezra as both Ella and Eli are 2 syllable names, I think it would be more symmetric....

Both names are great though.