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How often, how long, and where does your lo nap??

I'm lucky if Carter takes 2 30-60minute naps a day. And he naps only in his swing or bouncer. Sad

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Laszlo naps twice a day, in our bed. Both are between 1 and 2 hours in length. His longest stretch of awake time is in the evening, from about 5 to 10 pm. He sleeps 8 hours at night, and dream nurses for a lot of it!

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Not long and not in his crib! 30-45 minutes in my arms or the swing. Even at daycare he never does more than 45 minutes and it's way worse if they follow the rules and don't let him sleep in the swing (technically they are only allowed to let them sleep in their cribs). Rory is not a good sleeper at all. I'm trying like heck to be consistent.....Evan was such an easy, GOOD sleeper it's a whole new situation for me!

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Emerson still has like 5 naps a day. They aren't very long and they are in: his carseat, my bed, his crib, or the swing. Unfortunately I still rock him to sleep, or he falls asleep in the car.

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Like Emerson, Trystan will take five to six naps a day, and they're anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours... it really just depends on the circumstances (if we're at home, in the car, ect.). He sleeps best in his bassinet... I can't say that he's ever fallen asleep in my arms sadly! He has no problem falling asleep in his carseat either, and if he's still sleeping when we get home, I just leave him in the seat as he's a VERY light sleeper! If I even go to unbuckle him he wakes up!

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Glad to hear Niva is not the only cat napper. She takes about 4 30 minutes naps a day, maybe 45 minutes if she is really tired. Her sleep schedule is all crazy right now though; this week she has been going to bed around 6 pm, sleeping for 4 hours and then is up every hour after that until 6 am. If only I could go to bed at 6 pm too! O well, hopefully things will settle down more soon.

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Trinity is sporadic. Today and the last few days she has napped horribly. But she's in bed tonight by 7. Hopefully for the night. she usually sleeps between 10-12 hours so I need to make sure I go to bed early enough so if she wakes at 5 I can function!
Her naps vary from 1 hour in the morning after her feed to 10 minutes here and there...I think she's teething (not cutting, but there are some bumps on her gums) and she has nursed terribly today and yesterday (a couple minutes here, a couple minutes there, and so on).

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Ugh, same here. Some days Nick takes two long naps in his crib and i get all excited about him being " on a schedule" but then he will cat nap for days on end and he will nurse all day and night. So, I just try to hope that eventually he will sleep for a longer period of time. Maybe soon? Mama can hope!