Need Open leg Vibes today!!!

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Need Open leg Vibes today!!!

I had my regular check up yesterday and the doctor ordered another U/S for me "to see the face"... basically they fudged the papers so we can look at the parts again. Hopefully, this time we will be able to tell!
So I am asking for some OLV's! Biggrin
So far most of the kids think it's a girl and one son- Julius- really, really wants another brother.... he is 8 Biggrin
My U/S is at 1PM eastern. Wish us luck!

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good luck and lots of OLV!

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Sending tons I hope baby cooperates!!!

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I am so excited for you!!! Good luck today Asha...come on baby show us your goods Smile

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That is so awesome that your doc is doing that for you!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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Woo hoo! OLV for you! :vibes:

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LMAO I thought that this thread was going to go a different way... as in you wanted us to give you a pep talk for being up for DTD!!! Lol, that's probably just me and my dirty prego mind!! Anyway, good luck, and sending you "open baby leg vibes!!"