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Nervous... (xp)

So I posted last month how upset I was that I had gotten my period... this was around the 20th. I was half way through taking my first pack of the mini-pill, and of course I'm still exclusively BF (not sure what the exact definition of "exclusively" is in this regard... to me it means that baby is drinking nothing but BM... but I am working of course so I have to pump while I'm away from him). Anyway, the first day of my LMP was Jan 20, and here we are on Feb 25 and needless to say I'm freaking out a little bit. DH and I DTD before I finished that first pack of pills (I know, I know... stupid) but I was on my period AND taking the pill... AND BF!! There's no way in that h*ll that anything could have happened is there?? Someone please tell me that the combination of my pill, period last month and BF that there's absolutely no way that I could possibly get pregnant... :help1:

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When I started my AF PP, cycles were never normal right away. After I had DD, I had cycles that were 52, 45, 35 and then finally 31 days long (normal for me). It took a good 5-6 months until they were normal again.

I say - don't worry. Your body is probably going to take a while.

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I agree!
I think you can say EBF Smile

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Any update? Did you POAS??

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It took about six months for my cycle to revert back to the normal 29-30 days for me after having Jack. So far it hasn't returned yet this time.