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After a lovely week away from home and my baby shower (pics forthcoming!) I'm nesting like CRAZY!

I've got this weird frenetic energy and obsession with having everything done NOW. We have a need for a ton of home improvements galore, so after dinner I'm going to start breaking up daily goals.

I'd been planning on the baby growing til 41 weeks, but now I'm wondering if I might be closer than originally thought.

Anyone else nesting like mad?

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Not yet...We still have to shampoo carpet in the nursery THEN get the furniture into place and stuff on the walls. Oh, I also have to wash a ton of baby clothes...hang some in the closet and fold some in the dresser.

I can't wait to see pics from you shower!!! Isn't it crazy to think that in about 4-5 weeks some of us could be having our babies?! I'm tripping out over it.

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I have had spurts of nesting but nothing major yet!

I can't wait to see pics of your baby shower, I bet baby was spoilt (oh and you of course)

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Me!!! I purged so many things, this weekend! I organized my basement, kitchen and and the girl's room. My DD is most thrilled ( she is a purger, like me). I have been hounding craigslist for baby stuff i need and am slowly collecting everything I need.
Also, I washed and folded all the baby clothes and now we all can't wait for the baby! My DD who is 4 said: " Mama, just get the baby out of your belly now!" Biggrin

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I started to nest a little bit this past week.. yesterday we put and organized the diapers we have already bought in our hall linen closet... and now i have to start washing all the outfits we got already .. i just wish i had a baby room to put them all in.. :/ but DH came home the other day when i was cleaning and laughed and said somebodies nesting.. Smile

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am too! Unfortunately the basement is no where near finished do there are boxes everywhere including my daughters new room!! I can't do much until it's done -sigh-. Hopefully the basement will be painting this week so we can get the floors and closets finished. Then it'll be moving boxes again and finally time to do the new room!!!

Can't wait Smile

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I get the urge but this big belly in my way discourages me LOL I have sooooooo many.things that need done its.overwhelming

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ME!!! Landon's room is ready to go!!! Stocked with diapers, wipes, clothes wash and put away. DH finished the big projects outside like finishing the paver patio and landscaping. I have decluttered some crap that has been driving me insane. I just need to start packing my hospital bag and get the infant seat out and we are ready to go!!!

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No nesting here... I am way to tired to do any of that. But my list is getting pretty big on what needs to be done... I'm hoping that in october or the beginning of november I will feel the urge and get my butt into gear.

All her clothes need to be re washed and organized, we need another dresser and find somewhere to put it, we need to buy a double stroller, we need to buy another carseat.......

Oh ya and we need to upgrade our 5 person vehicle to a 6 person Van before the baby gets here..... that one we are really struggling on how we are going to be able to do that.. but like Rob has said with everything I am sure everything will work out......

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Jen, how funny- shampooing our carpets is on the agenda for either this weekend or next!

Asha, I'm right with you - I LOVE purging!

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That's so exciting when you get the bug to really prepare for baby! Mine hit me this weekend, so now that tomorrow is finally my day off (and my boys are finally back to school!) I can really get some stuff clean!

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I have the desire but with being gone every week I have not gotten anything done. DH and I are starting everything this weekend...hopefully it all goes well. It is a long weekend here and DH is going to take Friday off as well so hopefully I will have more to report on this next week. I just hope I have some energy to do it.