Nesting, nesting, nesting!!!

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Nesting, nesting, nesting!!!

Seriously, this is insane!!!! I have lots to do so it's ok in that sense, but the compulsion to clean is inbeleivable. I've never had it this bad before. I'm seriously losing my sanity!!

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I keep packing and organizing my birth bag cause thats all I have to nest being at the hospital lol Smile I know how you feel. If I were home it would be never ending!

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I wish. I have never had "nesting" kick in with any of my pregnancies! I have to force myself to clean and get things done!

My house is still a disaster.

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Come to my house, please! I want to get up and clean but I'm not allowed. So frustrating!

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Are you taking those door knobs off to clean behind them again, Carrie? LOL.

I was nesting like a nut but I've suddenly hit this wall of exhaustion (think sleeping 14 hours a night) the last two days. My water aerobics teacher says the sudden burst of energy on the other side of the exhaustion is a good sign!

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No door knobs but I did get the qtips out for the dust on the baseboards! It all seems so silly, I can be toothbrushing faucets and yet there are still boxes piled all over the hallways and dining room. My bedroom has clothes everywhere but I am happy to announce my laundry, bathrooms (3) living room, nursery and dd s rooms have been fully reclaimed and the kitchen is well on it's way. My to do cleaning list has 175 tasks on it from big to small, but the way inferl about it meas it'll probably get done by bedtime tonight!

8 days until induction!! The frenzy is starting to turn to panic!

Oh and I finally packed our bags!! One for me, one for Maya and one for Melodie in case she has to sleep at my inlaws!!!

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Mine comes and goes. I was so nesting last week and this week I can't lift a finger. Of course the house gets messy, so all my efforts seem like a waste... Sad Pitty party here!

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I wish I had the time or energy! I need to do some cleaning, it "looks" clean but I really need to clean the floors and bathrooms. Not to mention finish the nursery and take some old toys to goodwill with Christmas coming up quickly. Where to put new toys is always a question. I honestly am not sleeping at all at night, literally just an hour or two a night lately and it's not good. It's the one thing I need right now but not happening. I'm trying to nap throughout the day when I can just nights are tough. Ironically my contractions are really bad at night and I can't sleep through them. They wake me up and although I try to ignore them, the pain just radiates, so I end up just getting up and distracting myself with doing something. Blah..Fun times.

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Lol, I need some of your energy!