"Never wake a sleeping baby"?

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"Never wake a sleeping baby"?

Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on this old saying Wink

I personally DO wake my sleeping baby if: it's been 3 hours since he ate (sometimes I'll let him go 3.5), or if he's been napping way too much during the day. I also will disturb him to feed him right before I go to bed if it's been at least 2 hours since he ate last. Usually he wont really wake up though (dream feeding).

What about you ladies?

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Interesting question, Sandra. When Laszlo was little and I was having really severe supply issues, I definitely woke him to eat. I especially had to wake him at night, which was horrible. It is so much easier to wake up to a baby than my cell phone alarm!

Now that he's bigger and my supply is stabilized, I don't wake him to eat. He never sleeps long during the day, anyway. He gives us about 2 4-hour stretches at night, and that is just fine with me.

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I let Keira sleep whenever she wants. I think the first two weeks I would wake her up during the day if she had gone more then 3 hours, but now I let her sleep whenever she wants.

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I just let 'em sleep.

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I don't wake him to eat unless I'm uncomfortable and I gave up on dream feeding him b/c it just made him angry and impossible to get back down. I do try to keep him awake from about 6-8 then start our bed routine at 8 and he's down by 9. It seems to be working for us, even if he's crabby from 7-8 it's worth keeping him up b/c if I let him sleep he won't go down at 9. Every baby is different though b/c Evan if he wanted to sleep and I kept him up at all it would backfire, sleep begot sleep with Evan.

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The only way I'll wake Trystan up to eat is if I'm just home from work and I know he hasn't eaten in a couple of hours, as I'm always wanting to get him right on the breast. BF him is always my first priority when I get home from work. Otherwise I don't wake him in the night (he's now sleeping 6-8 hours straight) and neither do I wake him during the day while he's napping (he never naps more than three hours anyway).

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I don't wake Carter up to eat. During his awake time he consumes 40 ounces of formula plus a bowl of oatmeal mixed with fruit. That boy gets plenty Biggrin

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I don't wake Trinity at night...she sleeps from 9/10 or so till 7/8 in the morning and is perfectly happy and growing well. During the day, I try to not wake her if she falls asleep, unless I NEED to go somewhere and feed her right before then, or if its getting too close to bed time. I do try to keep her up from 4/5 till bed time. She usually passes out when I am feeding her and I can transfer her to the crib without a problem. Tonight I fed her, put her in the crib while I got Jack to bed and she fell asleep on her own. Hubby's out of town, so I am a one woman show till Tuesday.

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I dont wake Landon either. I let him call the shots on when he sleeps and eats. I do try to keep him awake in the evening from 7 on so that he can go to bed at 9-10 so I can get sleep.Most nights he is sleeping 6 hours before he wakes up again so putting him to bed when I am ready to go to bed is the best way for me to get some sleep.

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Maya was doing eleven hour non stop nights until she got sick and I let her sleep!