New hair! (xp)

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New hair! (xp)

So I had posted yesterday how I was getting my hair done today, and I figured I would show it off to you girls! Sorry I don't have a before shot, but here's the after! I chopped about eight inches off and lightened it...

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Wow, I wish I had your guts to cut off 8"! Must feel so awesome and light now, it's a great colour too!

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It's a perfect length!! I love the color too! You look great!!

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Look at my birth buddy!!! The hair is fabulous! Smile

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Very glamorous! I also love the color Biggrin

I'm glad you got a little third-tri spoiling. You totally deserved it, Mama!

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LOVE IT !!! Sexy mama in the house Smile

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great cut and great color! i'm hoping to get my hair-did on saturday.

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Looks nice!!
I am in dire need of a cut/color. I used to not have to highlight my hair, but then after Jack, my hair grew in darker...and I don't like having dark blonde/brown hair, I have always been blonde...
I just have a fear of finding the right person to cut my hair, since its curly...

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Love it! I'm going to cut off 10+ inches in Nov and donate it and have a nice short do for babydom lol

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Love it!
I chopped off about 10 inches when I was 40 weeks pregnant with DS. It was my treat to myself for the fact that I was about to go overdue!

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Looks great!

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Thanks for all the sweet comments girls! I have to admit I was so peed off the night that I got it done... at DH!! When I came home from the salon, he didn't even say anything to me!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I swear, did he not get "the manual" when we got married, where rule #243 says "When your wife gets her hair done, you tell her how beautiful she looks and how much you love it (even if you don't)!?!?!?" Men...