New Haircut (OT)

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New Haircut (OT)

Excuse photobucket, it should sort itself out.

Well I thought it was about time to treat myself to a haircut since I haven't had one since before DS was born! I had a friend cut it this morning while DS was at daycare and while baby is still yet to arrive. Feeling really good, will be nice and cool for the summer months Biggrin

Anyone else been pampering themselves?

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Oooh lovely! Good on you - and well overdue lady! I've been meaning to have a pedicure but can't seem to be bothered and would rather not spend the money. I had about 4 inches cut off 2 weeks ago though, that felt SO good I almost want to go do it again Biggrin

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Cute 'do! That is so weird that you get summer in November/December. Your hair looks like it will be cool and low maintenance.

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Cute! I haven't cut my hair since a few weeks before DS too! I think I'm going to get it done next weekend! Love yours!

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Love it! When I was 40 weeks pregnant with DS I went and got 10 inches chopped off my hair. It's a nice way to treat yourself while waiting for baby!

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really cute! i got my hair cut and highlighted two or three weeks ago. it felt so good. this new assistant lady was there and she washed my hair. it was heavenly.

i always have said that if i won the lotto i wouldn't do anything really different with my life except pay off my house, pay for kids' colleges, and...get my hair washed and blown out weekly. aaahhh, i love getting my hair washed!

i think i might go for another highlight right before thanksgiving (my due date is the day after turkey day)

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cool cut!It feels great to get a new style.
Now mind you I cut my hair a month ago and will not be putting any photos out there until after I lose pregnancy double chin,(if I do), I always gain in my face, haha!
I got so sick of my heavy super thick hair that I cut it in a version of Project Runways' Anya. Long on top and bottom and completely shaved on the sides, like a mohawk.

I am so happy and somehow I look better this way, (at least I think so).;)

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Cute! I just cut all of mine off a couple of weeks ago... it feels so much better!!

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