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New Here!

Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Kortnee and I'm expecting twins with a due date of Nov. 2. I have one son who is 4 and very excited to be a big brother! I'm definitely looking for some guidance through this pregnancy. It is already so different from my first! Thank you and good luck to everyone! Smile

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Welcome, Kortnee! Congratulations on your double pregnancy - I'm thrilled to have another set of twins on our board. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Congratulations and welcome!!

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Welcome to November!

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Does this make our 4th set of twins this month? Congratulations! Welcome to November!

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Congrats and welcome to November!! Yep I think we have 4 set of twins. Look forward to getting to know you!

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Hi & welcome Kourtnee! Congrats on the twins! :giveflower: Nice you'll have some other November twin Moms to chat with here too Smile

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Congrats! I'm new to this twin thing, too, lol. Sounds like your four year old is going to be a big helper. My five year old is so excited he can hardly stand it.

Are you part of the October board, too? I'm told most twins are born at 36 weeks... I'm due at the end of Nov, so I'm really hoping I stay in Nov. Smile

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welcome and congrats!

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Congrats on the twins, how exciting!! Welcome to November! I'm actually due Dec. 3, but I've never gone to 40 weeks with any of my other babies, so I think I'll most likely deliver in November. How many weeks do they set a due date for with a double pregnancy?