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Well a Newbie here anyways.Been on PO off and on for years. Got my totally unexspected ( on BC and using condoms lol) on March 11.Due date is November 14. Cant wait to get to know you ladies.

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hi! welcome! i'm baking a total surprise too! found out on sunday and am still trying to come to terms! lol!

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Welcome and congrats!

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Hi and congrats! Smile

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Welcome and congrats and HH9Ms

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Congratulations and welcome to the board

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Congrats!!! HH9M!

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Wow! That is a! congratulations!

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Hi Amber!!!! Welcome!!! Congrats on your little surprise!!

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Hey Amber! Congrats...I am so excited for you guys! You know that my last was a total surprise (condoms and charting!)...and he is the biggest joy ever. I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!!!

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Pam.. do we have board members in common?

BTW... love that pic of the kiddies! Biggrin

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"looneyru" wrote:

Pam.. do we have board members in common?

Stacers, we have LOTS of friends in common now! Amber, Asha, Cindy, Lisa, Sandra...and I am sure more will be added in the next few weeks! Wink EXCITING!!!

Oh and thanks...gotta have the Joe's Crab Shack picture!

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Congratulations and HH9M

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Welcome and Congratulations!