News flash!!!

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News flash!!!

Apparently (according to my two year old) babies come out of tummies by unzipping a zipper! If you have a lignea negra, this is the beginning of your zipper appearing. If not you have a magical invisible zipper that won't appear until the baby feels that it is developing donkey ears and a tail (someone been watching pinnochio) and needs to escape!!!!

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ROFL thanks for sharing. In case anyone was wondering, I'm still in the magical invisible zipper camp.

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ROFL! Adorably hilarious!

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Lol that's too cute! When my boys asked how the baby comes out (they're eight and six), I told them that he will come out of my belly button! That seemed to appease my six year old, but my eight year old knows better (he's very smart). He just gave me this look like, "I know where they really come out of, you're lying to me." LMAO! I told my daughter the truth (she's 2), by saying, "The baby comes out of here," while pointing to the area, and she said, "Oh, baby brother is coming out of your pee-pee?" Lol girls are so smart!! We just get it!

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Too cute!! In my case, they do come out of my zipper! I've had 3 c/s! Wink

Funny, none of my sons have ever asked, or even cared how babies got here. Their old enough now but when they were younger, nope, not even going there mom, too gross for them I guess.

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hahaha funny! Ask her "What if you don't have a zipper?" I'm curious to see what she says. Like Jasmine, I don't have a "zipper" either.

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Oh my, that's funny!!!! Jack is just absorbed in his toys and doesn't really care about the baby in my belly yet. Wait till she gets here, he will care then!

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I love are so cute!