A nice long birth story: Matthew John

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A nice long birth story: Matthew John

Hi friends! I have a second now that both boys are napping (wait, did I just jinx myself??) and figured I'd try to write out this birth story. You know, I can't remember if I wrote one for Thomas! So I'm already ahead of the game Wink

My due date was Friday 11/25 and at my appointment on Tuesday, 11/22 I was 2 cm dilated and my doc, Dr. Moss said my cervix was very favorable. I was saying all along that I really wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family and hoped that the baby would cooperate. On Wednesday I was feeling VERY exhausted and having contractions here and there. In the afternoon I wound up getting into a really ridiculous argument with a friend of mine (we're fine now but it was just unwanted stress). I'm not good with confrontation and wound up having pretty regular contractions! I wound up taking a nice relaxing bath and thinking happy thoughts and went to bed. Contractions stopped. Phew! On Thanksgiving I woke up contraction-free but SO tired and well, just LARGE. I wound up spending most of the day in bed with the hopes of just making it to dinner! Hey, I have priorities, ok? We made it to my uncle's and although I was so uncomfortable, we all had a wonderful time and a great meal. Friday (my due date) was more of the same - just trying to relax as much as possible. I had contractions here and there but nothing regular or very strong. I decided to treat myself to a big bologna and cheese sandwich from the deli and a trip to the movies. I'm so glad I went! The Muppets was so great! And so was my sandwich Wink Friday night I was having contractions on and off - again, nothing crazy, just uncomfortable.

Saturday we woke up and I sent John and Thomas out to have McDonald's breakfast and do some errands and I just relaxed and showered and started timing contractions. They were strange though, I was feeling them SO low in my belly and my legs and even my butt. I did a little googling to figure out what the heck that was about and basically it's the same thing you always hear - every labor, every woman, every pregnancy is different! Around 1pm I called my doctor and told him that my contractions were about every 7 minutes but were only lasting about 30 seconds and weren't all that painful. He asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital and get checked. I told him I wasn't sure because the contractions weren't all that close and weren't that painful. He asked if I wanted to get an epidural and I told him I definitely did but I was nervous about having another allergic reaction like I did last time. He told me that was probably because of the narcotic that they put in there too. I told him that the pain wasn't all that bad and definitely didn't need pain medication yet. He told me to call him in an hour to check in. We laid Thomas down for a nap and I laid down too to rest a little. I fell asleep for a little and after waking up, noticed that during that time, I'd only had 2 or 3 contractions and they were not bad. Ugh! I didn't bother calling the doctor since they had all but stopped. I decided to go out for a walk around the neighborhood. Wound up walking for about an hour and then stopped at our friend's house around the corner. She is retired and doesn't have kids so we were planning on having her come watch Thomas whenever the time came. I chatted with her for a while and told her what was going on (well, what WASN'T going on - contractions). While over there the doctor called and asked what was up. I told him that the contractions pretty much stopped and that I'd just let him know if anything changes. He reminded me (again) that with the second things often move faster and to keep that in mind because if I want the epidural I'd need to make sure I got there. Yeah yeah, sure, I know. Don't worry, I said, I want the epidural and I will be there if the contractions pick up. I left Aunt T's house around 5pm and in the walk around the corner I had a contraction. Still, not terrible but definitely stronger. Got home and relaxed on the couch and played with Thomas for a little. I made meatballs the night before so we planned on reheating and making pasta around 6pm. My contractions picked up big time between 5pm and 6pm. Looking at my phone records, I see that I called Aunt T at 5:16pm. I told her then that the contractions were actually picking up since I left her house and that I was hoping to make it until after 8pm. That way I could have dinner, give Thomas his bath, and put him to bed. Then I'd have her come over and we could go to the hospital. Or I said it could be the middle of the night but that it was probably happening that night. She said no problem, she wasn't doing anything that night and she'll be around. At 6:14pm I called and said, "Come over! Contractions are picking up fast." She said she was going to walk the dog quick and she'd be over. Ok, no problem. At 6:15pm I left a message with the doctor's answering service saying that I was heading to the hospital. I got up to put my shoes on and use the bathroom and it took me a long time to get there because I just kept contracting and it was SO painful! They came so fast! And so painful! At 6:23pm I called Aunt T back and was like "GET HERE NOW!!!" She ran over. Thomas by then was in his high chair waiting for dinner to be ready. We left with the stove on and screamed things like, "Dinner's ready for Thomas! His pj's are in his crib! He likes the fan on! BYE!!" We ran out and I was crying and scared and in so much pain! We got on the highway at 6:29pm when the doctor called. I told him the contractions were BAD and that we'd be at the hospital soon.

THANK GOD THERE WAS NO TRAFFIC into the city that night. (Incidentally tonight is the tree lighting at Roc Center, and both Prez Obama and the first lady are attending functions downtown. The Gridlock alert is saying it'll be the worst ever. Thank GOD baby didn't come today!) My parents happened to be downtown at a concert that evening so I called my dad's cell (which he never answers) and he called back while I was contracting. I screamed something about baby coming and we're heading to hospital and hung up. I couldn't even speak! At 6:46pm my dad called again and I told him we were a block from the hospital and they said they would make their way uptown. OMG the pain! We parked the car right on 5th ave in front of the entrance of Mt. Sinai Hospital. I barely made it in the door and asked where I needed to go. We were directed to the 2nd floor and on the elevator there were some nurses who were just getting to work (shift change at 7pm, ugh, perfect timing) who wished us luck. I was contracting like crazy and could barely make it to the check in desk! Of course the lady there took her sweet-a$$ time before she even looked at us. The fact that i was keeled over didn't phase her. She brought us into the check in area and had me sit down and started asking typical check-in questions. I couldn't even speak! Hello! I needed help like right then! Because it was shift change, nobody wanted to deal with us! My aunt Mary called at 6:54 when we were sitting in the check in area but I missed the call. As I was writhing in the chair, my guardian angel in the form of a big husky Irish woman in scrubs looked at me and asked me how far apart the contractions were (I don't know, like, FIVE SECONDS) and what number kid (TWOOOOOOO OWWWWWWW) and she yelled, "This lady needs help she's awwwfully active!"

Two nurses came to get me and asked if I could walk to the end of the hall to room #37. Sure. Got up, CONTRACTION! Ok, wheel chair needed. They wheel me down and ask me to put the gown on. Corazon aka the nurse who did NOT want to be there past her getting off time helped me into it as I could barely move. I wasn't in the computer system but at 7:02pm I was in the delivery room. John ran to go park the car and thank goodness he made it back asap. The nurse kept paging for a resident OB to come in because I was so active. I was very vocal and in SO much pain. The resident came in and finally a new nurse fresh on the new shift came in. She tried to get an IV in since I was begging for an epidural. The resident checked me and said I was at 7cm and a bulging bag of water. She checked the baby with the sonogram machine and said all looked good. The poor nurse couldn't get the IV in my hand - maybe because I couldn't stop moving since I was contracting constantly! The doctor came in and asked how I was. Well one look and he knew the baby was coming soon! The resident asked if he wanted to check me and I gave him the look of you're-not-getting-in-there-sorry and he said he didn't think he needed to. He left right away to get changed and I asked where the epidural was! He said he'd go see what was going on. While waiting on that I was screaming bloody murder. SCREAMING! SO very not gracious. I was making up swear words that I'm not even sure exist! Dr. Moss came back in after changing and the anesthesiologist was with him as well. He did a quick check and said, "This baby's coming!" and broke my water. He then told the anesthesiologist that there wasn't time for the epidural and I wasn't surprised. I knew there was no way I'd ever be able to sit up and be still for the needle. Still, I wanted it so bad. Dr. Moss told me that while I'd be in alot of pain, the delivery would go alot quicker so we'll be ok. I felt like I needed to push and screamed it to let everyone know. I screamed so loud I think the whole hospital knew it was time to push! The doctor kept saying it was going to be ok and the baby would be here in less than 2 minutes! I pushed and screamed and screamed and screamed! I was like a writhing banshee! I couldn't help myself. He told me to grab my legs and I just thought yeah right! You expect me to do this sans drugs AND you want me to be flexible?? Nope, not happening. A nurse came and grabbed my leg for me and I pushed. AHH!!! Then the doctor told me that if I stopped screaming and used that energy to push he'd be out faster. Ok, doc, go F yourself!!! There's no way I could have shut my mouth for a second. Well, after a push and a half, out came Matthew John at 7:35pm! Ah, relief. Sweet relief. A half hour after getting to the hospital, baby was born!

People were scrambling around because they didn't think I'd go so quickly. They brought in the warmer thingy and after being delivered onto my stomach and staying there for a second, they brought him over to the warmer and Matthew immediately peed in the nurse's eye! LOL! He weighed in at 6lb 15.5oz and was 20.5 inches long. That's over a pound bigger than my first and an inch and a half longer. I had 2nd degree tearing and needed to be stitched. It took FOREVER! I was shaking alot and just so out of it and tired. I wanted to just close my eyes. John was talking to and taking pictures of the baby and I just sat and shook while the doctor stitched me up. I got lidocane injections for that since I was most definitely NOT numb down there. Once the stitching was done I was able to put my legs down and tried to call my parents. We didn't get a hold of them for about an hour but when they finally called and I told them the baby was here they were just as surprised as we were! I had to stay in the delivery room for what seemed like forever and then finally was wheeled up to the maternity room where my parents came to meet us.

I have to say, the good part of missing out on the epidural was that I felt more with it after the birth. I didn't have the itchiness or the back pain or any of that. Still, I'd never go drug free on purpose!

A few pics:

Waaaahhhh!!! Put me back!!!

About an hour after delivery, being wheeled up to my room. You can just see RELIEF written all over my face!:

Big brother meeting little brother for the first time!:

At home already making some silly faces:

Thanks for reading! I'm finishing this birth story a full day after I started it! So much for having anymore free time!

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wow ... great birth story... im glad you didn't have to push for to long.. Smile congrats

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Wow! What a fast birth! Great pics too! TFS!

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Congrats on the birth! Loved reading your story...I couldn't stop laughing although I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time! Good job again on such a fast delivery....he is adorable!

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Aw Nancy, great job!!! Congrats. I love the pic of him and Thomas, so adorable.

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TFS your story! I LOL'd too 'yeah doc go F yourself' would be what I was thinking too :). Great work mamma! (I was too late for epi too but that was what I was wishing for). So, I am curious. I realize it was painful (no sh*t sherlock eh) but did you find natural childbirth as painful as everyone says, or worse? Sounds like they didn't give you any laughing gas or anything? Ugh I'm sure it helped take the edge off for me.

Hope your recovery is going well. With my 2nd degree I started to feel great after about 8-10 days and figured it wasn't as bad as my original 3rd degree, so I had stopped taking my advil, sitz baths and all that... it was a mistake to stop as it didn't take long to have a bit of relapse into discomfort (TMI but i believe I've got a mild roid I am now dealing with, back on the colace too). You just sound so active and busy don't forget to take care of yourself, get your DH to help so you can get a little time to take care.

Matthew is adorable! Biggrin

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ooo i would have killed for some laughing gas or anything to take the edge off! i found the pain to be so excruciating! the only good thing is that it goes faster, at least that's what my doctor said and he was right. with the epidural i couldn't really feel what i was supposed to be doing when i had to push but this time i knew EXACTLY how to push to get him OUT!!

my tearing is pretty painful and i've been taking advil and percocet regularly. anytime i miss the dose i go back to big time pain. ick.

my milk came in today so my 34H nursing bra that i bought is not WAY too tight. horrible.

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WOW what a great birth story Nancy!!!! Congrats again Smile

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Wow, crazy story! Matthew is beautiful. I hope you recover quickly from your tear.

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Awsome birth story! Congradulations! He's a sweetie Smile

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when you said you made up swear words, i imagined the dad on christmas story changing the tire.

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"lil96" wrote:

when you said you made up swear words, i imagined the dad on christmas story changing the tire.

Lolyeah that was me-but worse!

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Wow! What a story! Thankfully you made it to the hospital just in time! I had a drug free birth (by choice) and was completely silent during the whole labor, but when I got that urge to push, I definitely gave "I am woman, hear me roar!" a whole new meaning! LOL!

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Great job mama!! Hope you heal quickly! You all look so great.

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"jac81" wrote:


Wow! What a story! Thankfully you made it to the hospital just in time! I had a drug free birth (by choice) and was completely silent during the whole labor, but when I got that urge to push, I definitely gave "I am woman, hear me roar!" a whole new meaning! LOL!

god i wish i could have been silent during that. i still cringe thinking of all the terrible words that came out of my mouth! shoo!

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LOL that is so much like my birth story. Smile After I read yours I remember yelling "S***" a lot when I was in labor too, ha ha!

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