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no diabetes here!

I passed the modified screen for gestational diabetes! No further worries there! Target blood sugar was 140 or below, and I was 90-something after sugar consumption/exercise. I feel relieved.

The rest of the appointment was good. Fundal height is 31 weeks. :eek:
Baby's heartbeat was normal, my blood pressure was low/normal. I'm now up approximately 8 lbs in total.

And I had a lovely walk! I stopped at a cafe for some iced tea, and someone gave me a rose because "(I'm) blooming, too." There was a very happy Mama with a little baby outside the birth center. That was striking because I saw the same lady in the waiting room at my appointment last month, she was very pregnant and looked frankly miserable. we won't be pregnant forever! Yahoo

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Congrats on a great appt!

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You're measuring at 31 weeks! Wow! I'm glad that you had a good GD test!

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"Jenni Beth" wrote:

You're measuring at 31 weeks! Wow! I'm glad that you had a good GD test!

thanks guys! and regarding the fundal height...I know. Midwives didn't seem concerned. My research tells me that fundal height varies wildly and isn't always indicative of anything. However, I bet if I'm 4 or more weeks ahead next appointment, I'll be sent for another ultrasound.

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Good news that you passed the test! What did they make you do? I was told just today my results were high so they want me to do the secondary/fasting test. Will do it in a week after I'm back from holidays as we are going tomorrow. Awwww you got a rose :giveflower:

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the modified screen is apparently common in midwifery care for low-risk Mamas. I started fasting at midnight and had my blood sugar tested by a glucometer at 9 am. I went out and ate pancakes w/syrup, took a brisk walk for 30 minutes and retested. It was actually pretty fun to take myself out to breakfast/walk around.

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That's great news!!! and how cool that you got a rose! So sweet!!

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great appt! And day!

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Glad the appointment went great! And yaa for a rose Smile

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Great appt and I love the part of getting a rose!!

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