no morning sickness

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no morning sickness

Hello all,

I am 7 weeks today and not experiencing any morning sickness is this normal or am i just really lucky ?!


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I had very minimal nausea until about 7 weeks 3 days then I have been horribly sick since.Count your blessings if you remain morning sickness free.

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I started having ms around 6 weeks and it is just fading now at 9 weeks. Count yourself one of the lucky few if you skip it Wink

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I've had 2 kids, and I didn't get sick with either of their pregnancies. I'm 8 weeks along and seem to be holding strong to this trend!

Count yourself lucky! I know it can be troubling to have a lack of symptoms, but some people just truly do not get morning sickness at all. Me included!

(Some people only get sick with one gender and not the other. I seem to be fine with both.)

Answer - not normal, but certainly OK!

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I had no real m/s with Evan and don't seem to have any now. I feel a little ick sometimes....just like my system is off but I never puked once with Evan and I doubt I will now.....makes me a little nervous but I'm not one to often get sick so it might just carry over ? Or i'm lucky

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Each person and each pregnancy is different! With my first it lasted 6 weeks and was violent. With my twins it lasted 4 weeks and was violent. With Samuel it was about 10 and not so violent, and with Edmond it was practically the whole pregnancy. This time I am barely sick at all. I don't know if it is going to be a keeper or not. Going to have some more blood work done tomorrow.

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Enjoy it! I had a touch of morning sickness for a few weeks. After figuring out my prenatal was mostly to blame I switched vitamins and feel pretty good now.

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Morning sickness seems to have eluded me too....I feel ick every now and again and can get grossed out really easily.
but it does depend on the individual...just enjoy while it lasts as you never know what other joys are in store for you. Biggrin