normal lower back stuff or...

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normal lower back stuff or...

I can usually get the tightness or kinks out of my back with yoga and/or rest.

But I may have overdone it yesterday putting together an Ikea unit and taking a long walk. Today I have had persistent lower back issues that have been mild aching, but now consistent tightness, like a vice is around my lower back.

It does not go away, it is uncomfortable but not painful. Anyone experience this?

I have also had a lot of braxton hicks and at times mildly painful contractions randomly the past week.
Does this sound like just your normal pregnant back stuff or some kind of preterm labor sign? I have also been very tired today and had some very mild chills off and on, but I do not want to worry unless I get a clear sign of something.

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With your back it just sounds like you overdid it. BH contractions and even mild normal contractions are normal, as long as they're sporatic. I would continue with the yoga for your back pain though...