Not Mentally Ready and Question..

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Not Mentally Ready and Question..

I really want to make it to my due date or at least the weekend of. The world and even my doctor seem ready for this baby to come earlier than that but I'm not. I've got so much to do and I'm not ready to mentally to say goodbye to be pregnant for forever..I just need more time, ya know? (I don't need another pregnancy! LOL) I wish there was somethign I could do to imprint this pregnancy in my mind or cherish my little guy and our time together like this for another 5 weeks. Plus I'm not mentally ready to actually give birth. I don't like giving birth at all and blah...I'd rather forget about that whole step in this process. Like stay in denial up until I don't have a choice. *sigh* lol. How did this pregnancy go by so fast? Where did the time go?
Don't get me wrong I so look forward meeting this little guy and getting my old body back! I look forward to being able to keep up with my kids again physically, but I realize too that's not going to happen overnight. It'll be probably 9 months to reach that again since it took 9 months to get to this point :). But it's great knowing I'll be me again and able to do the things I need and love to do without feeling sore or off. But all of that being said, it's such a huge milestone and brings about so much change, I need all the time I can get. Anybody else feel that way? Any suggestions for savoring this ending of the pregnancy? I wish I could go into hiding and just spend the next month alone, napping, watching movies, and just reflecting. But alas there's life Smile

Sorry for the ramble, just needed to get that off my chest.


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Buy a belly casting kit or a henna belly tattoos? Have an extra ice cream sundaes? I know you are super pressed for time, but I'm personally making a point to enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy by semi-sensibly indulging in treats and getting some exercise daily. Maybe you can also fit in a massage or acupuncture treatment?

I completely empathize about wanting to get started on getting back in shape! I'm not looking forward to the dieting as much as being able to run and lift heavy weights.

But in terms of being mentally ready...I've reached the point of being done, to be honest. My to-do list has a few crappy items on it (you know, joyous things like consolidating student loans and renewing my driver's license) but I'm ready for him!

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I hear you Melody. It's like the life gets so busy, you don't have time to remember that you are even pregnant! I do try to indulge every day in a nap or a treat, always something small. The other day we were lounging in bed with DH and we were watching the belly - the baby was sticking out his knee so far that it looked hilarious.
I will cherish these moments...
On the other hand, I feel that I am ready to "drop the belly" and not be painfully pregnant. I packed my bag, bought the necessities and I entered the stage where I keep up with laundry and the house... ( always happens to me at the end of pregnancy).
I don't really enjoy the pregnancy, so to me there is very little to want to savor IYKWIM.
I also do the same thing about labor- I am usually in denial about the pain of it until I am already in the hospital getting an IV in... then it hits me and I sort of panic. Well, this time I decided to get an epidural. Heck, I want one of those labors when you wake up and it's time to push! So this time I am kind of looking forward to a new experience.
Sorry to go on rambling, try to do little ( or bigger) things for yourself on account of you being pregnant. Get a massage, pedicure, haircut.... take naps, eat sweets... just pamper your pregnant self!

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I'm there too. 15 days or less to go. I have a lot to do before the house will be ready so I want her to stay on the maximum amount if time as well.

Something I did around this time that I still have and cherish is a letter to my daughter. I talk about the ups and downs of pregnancy, the circumstances of getting pregnant, the joys of feeling her move inside me. The second part is telling her how muc I love her even though I've never met her (cue savage gardens I knrlew I loved you before I met you song)

I finish with all the things I'm looking forward to, first steps, first I love yous and then speculate on what I think her temperment and favourites are going to be.

Both the girls will get their letters if and when they get pregnant themselves, but there's a copy for me too that I sneak out every once in a while to read.

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Sorry it's all going so fast for you! A letter or a journal is a nice idea. I'm not much for being pregnant - I'm thankful and it has moments of awe but I'd be happy to have it be like 3 months and baby LOL

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Totally not ready either and I'm due 3 weeks earlier than you :). Last time I took PG photos of myself, boudoir style in a favourite sheer robe, with the auto-timer. I haven't gotten around to that yet and am honestly not sure I feel quite so sexy this time ;). I know I want to take photos with DD kissing my belly and think the 3 of us should have some photos done together before baby comes... just not sure when we will get that done (I'm so cheap I will probably wait to hire a photographer after he arrives). Last time I was PG I knew I wanted to feel all that same PG joy again, and when we were TTC that was a frustration of mine feeling like I would never get there. But now that I have attained it, I've still been having a harder time 'embracing' it this time. I think just being so busy with work and all, and probably to protect myself a little given our miscarriage. I don't know where all the time has gone!!!! I'm looking forward to my free time, after wrapping up my last short 4-day work week. Hopefully baby will keep baking on for me, I`d be very happy for him to go to 40 weeks! Biggrin

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Have you thought about getting maternity photos done with you and DH? That's definitely a beautiful way to cherish the end of your pregnancy and remember how beautiful it was! I hear what you're saying. I felt that way with my other babies as well, and kind of do with this one but not as bad. I'm prepared as far as his room and everything, and I'm mentally prepared as well. I don't mind the birthing process, as they've all (save the first one!) been pretty manageable. I'm getting pretty uncomfortable, my back hurts, and it's hard for me to do the day to day things that I need to (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc...) without being in extreme pain. I'm torn, because I'm ready for him to come already because of these things but I'm not ready for him to come because this is my last pregnancy and I want to cherish him actually being inside of me, a part of me... and I don't know what we're going to do about work/childcare once he comes... so that scares me. I don't know...