November Babies

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November Babies

Hey November!

I'm over on the December board with a due date of December 14. I've got twins growing though so I'm seriously hoping they aren't going to wait allllllllll the way until December to make their debut, so maybe I'll see you over here on the November side sometimes. Smile

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Welcome and good luck with everything! Come hang out anytime!

Is this your first pregnancy?

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Yup! First pregnancy, which was a big surprise in and of itself, with the double bonus of totally random twins!

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Welcome! Congrats on your twins! Do you know the sex yet?

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They're probably both boys, at least the lower one is pretty definitely a boy, but we should find out for sure on Thursday.

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Congrats on your twins! And feel free to pop over anytime!

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Hey lady, I think I know you lol! I'm over here all the time with my EDD set at Dec 1, so welcome!

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Congratulations on the twins! You're more than welcome here, hope to see you more often