NT scan today

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NT scan today

We had our NT scan a bit ago. Everything went well, measurements look good, just have to wait for bloodwork to confirm it. Baby was very active, took the u/s tech a while to get the measurements! He/she was very uncooperative! After my loss on October, I was so happy to see a healthy little one in there! I cried. I am also 12 weeks tomorrow. I feel like I can finally enjoy and stop stressing now that everything is ok. It has been a long couple months.

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I am so happy that everything went well! Congrats on a bouncy baby!

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Yay for active babies! I'm glad you had a good appointment!

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Congrats on everything going so well for you. Great news!!!

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Active babies are healthy babies! Congratulations on the great NT. I agree the first trimester is NEVER ENDING, but I'm so happy you've reached the end!