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Sooo I am totally slacking in the boys nursery...they are here and I am no where near done!!! Paint wasn't onthe walls, let alone purchased until after they were born LOL!! So far it has been painted, DS old.crib is up but will need to be reassembled soon as the slats were recalled and will be getting a essentially from the company..the 2nd.crib we have was hand me down and once I saw it I knew it was the graco simplicity recalled.model, soooo I need to try to take it back to walmart so I can get a new.crib LOL..need to organize all the clothes etc...gosh i still have tons to do!! Anyone else slacking like me!!

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Not slacking, just delayed! (sounds better) the furniture is coming Wednesday so that's the deadline for emptying and painting!!!

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Well, they can share one crib for a while, right?
Try not to stress, things will get done eventually - I still didn't pack my hospital bag... I just feel kind of blah.

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I have been putting things off.I have so much I need to do and I have been making excuses and I guess I should get busy lol.

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I have most things done bu the nursery is half nursery and half guest room as my mom will be staying with us for awhile after c-section to help. So instead of the crib being set up I have a bed for her. Baby will stay in our room in bassinett until mom leaves then I will set her crib up. It is hard not to set up crib - I bought a bedding set that I just love!!

Just get what you need for when they come home. I would not worry to much about the will come. My neighbours twins shared a crib until they started moving around. Good luck.

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I was planning on having them sharing a crib but the nicu nurses are really against them sharing a crib, abd with the issues they have I'd rather not risk anything..
As long as I get my cribs settled everything else will come together last.minute lol

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Hey lady, don't sweat it, just take it easy on yourself! How goes the ICU visits and driving and all? Looks like your DS1 is having a birthday soon?
I'm 'delayed' over here too. Will get more done this weekend, it's Canadian Thanksgiving & we have Monday off work. We have to get out the bassinet too, baby will sleep in our room for a little while before we are comfy enough to move him across the hall to his crib.

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I also agree that your boys almost definitely wouldn't mind sharing a crib for a while if needed! Sorry you are stressing, Mari - hope you get some support on the nursery.

Last night, SO had a friend over who I find kinda annoying. Avoiding him was my kick in the pants to get the last bits and pieces done Biggrin Wahoo - the only thing remaining will be to toss the ipod/ipod dock/cameras into my birth bag as we are running out the door.

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Trystan's nursery is pretty much complete! I just need the little add ons, such as a lamp, more for the walls... things like that. Walls are painted, furniture in place, clothes washed and put away... just needs a sweet baby now!

Don't worry, you'll get everything in place soon!

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The nicu visits are going good, I don't spend as much time there as I would like but I enjoy any time I get there

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