Nursery coming along... (xp)

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Nursery coming along... (xp)

Hey girls! So yesterday after work I went to Babies R Us to get my son's crib bedding and the matching chair for his room (this is the bedding: and here's the chair:, then I had to go back to Home Depot to get more paint mixed because of course I ran out when I had one wall left to go! So I went home, finished painting, dragged his crib upstairs (it was in pieces downstairs from when we bought it off of craigslist weeks ago) and started to put that together as well. I finally called it quits around 9:30PM, because of course it didn't have any instructions with it and it's a drop down front crib and I just couldn't figure it out! Lol probably because it was dark in there (I don't have a light in there yet) and just being up since 6:30AM, working, running around after work, painting, yada yada yada... hopefully DH will finish it for me today while I'm at work so that I can put his freshly washed bedding on it, hang his pictures, and take pics for you girls to see!

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I can't wait to see pics!

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Yahoo! I can't wait for pics either!

I have to live vicariously through you Smile since we don't get to set up a nursery this time.

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So how is it looking? Did DH continue the work while you were at work?