Nursery pics

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Nursery pics

Well It's just the bassinet really. Using the same bedding as we did with DS. It is missing one of the wooden bolts because it snapped when I was screwing it on - felt really bad but then realised that it has already been glued together before. Just need to re-glue and it will be good as new.

The bassinet itself is almost 50 years old, SO used it as did his brother, and SO's mum and her brother used it as babies!

Hopefully photobucket will resize these properly.

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Aww, what a cute bassinet!!!

We have a cradle that my great grandpa built. It was used for my Grandma and her siblings, my mom and her siblings, and then for my kids!

Unfortunately neither of my kids liked to sleep in it :rolleyes: So my cousin has it right now, her kids seem to like it as babies.

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Wow that is cool. How neat to have such history too

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What a neat tradition with the bassinet, TFS. It sure doesn't look that old - very modern looking!

I love the cute wall stickers!

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I LOVE that bassinet! adorable!

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:lurk: I love that bassinet!

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Very cute! I still need to get my bassinet!

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I love the bassinet and all the history that comes with it. So very cool.