Nursery Prep anyone?

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Nursery Prep anyone?

How are you all doing at getting your new LO's room ready??? Will they have their own room? Will they be sharing with a sibling or with you? When are you getting everything set up???

We'd love to see pictures of progress!

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We will be using all of our old things (crib, bedding, etc) for this baby, so it's not that exciting. But I am excited to set the crib back up!

Unfortunately, our house has just 3 bedrooms and one of them is necessary for a toy/playroom for DD and DS. They used to have their own rooms and just have toys in their room, but I got tired of the huge mess in their bedrooms every day! Earlier this year we put them in the same bedroom and designated the other one for toys.

This means baby has no room! We will be setting up the crib in our master bedroom (which will get cramped because it's also our "office" with the computer, desk, and filing cabinets!) I think we'll probably set everything up in October sometime. If the baby was going to have it's own room, I'd like to set it up sooner, but too bad I guess!

Makes me long for the days when we were expecting our first and making her nursery all pretty and new and special!

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We will be using all of DS stuff. It was a sports theme, we also added some of our own favorite team stuff in, Ohio State, Cleveland Browns (DHs team not mine!!). I have been getting all the clothes out and washing them and moving all of DSs stuff to his Big boy room. I am almost there!!! I have the changing table set up, with diapers and wipes, lotions and creams. I personalized it today by putting letter stickers on the wipe container in is now Landon's room! Ds calls it "baby Landon's room" too Smile

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haha. We are going to get Jack a toddler bed, and he and Trinity will be sharing a room once she moves into a crib. We just need to figure out the logistics and what goes where. I'll probably try to find a cute set of sheets and re-use the breathable bumper, and maybe someone will make a pretty pink afghan for her. We will be using Jack's current crib (which is a convertible) for her once she moves into sleeping in the crib, and will set up the bassinet for the first month or so in our bedroom.

Everyone says I'll regret putting them both in the same room, but I don't care. Those people can buy me a new house with 4 bedrooms. (our third bedroom is downstairs and is used as an office/business room.)

Everything else will be re-used, except for clothing-well some of the neutral stuff can be used again. I've got the bouncer, the swing, the infant seat, the pnp's, pretty much everything you could need. Some of its boy-ish, but I really don't care, she's not going to need to have everything pink and frilly!

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Well i've done a fair bit of organising since the end of October is going to be extremely busy with my end of year uni exams.

We moved taine into his own room and toddler bed just over a month ago, and he has transitioned quite well - still wakes up in the middle of night and jumps in with us for his snuggles.
Aubrey will be in our room for the first couple of months and then once she outgrows the bassinet, she will go into taine's old room. We have everything from taine so it's just the basics I need to go and buy like disposable nappies/wipes/bathstuff.

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We have a 3 bedroom house (one master, two guest). So I chose the guestroom with the bigger closet for the baby's room.

We've painted and we have the crib, changing table, glider, and dresser w/mirror. Matt's mom is making the curtains and bedding from some nautical fabrics that I've picked out. I'm at Hilton Head Island right now and we've bought several really cute nautical themed pieces to decorate with.

I'll post pics when I start getting it together. Project #1 is shampooing the carpet when I get back home. Then I'll start putting things up.

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the walls are all painted thick stripes sage green, cream, chocolate brown, blue trim. just got the crib put together last night dark wood and a seperate changing table. I made elephant cut outs and put the abc and 0-9 on them. we have 2 movable mirrors and hand painted his name onto alot of decorations. my dad is making my bassinet Smile and that will go in our room with the rocker for now untill he can sleep in his crib. curtains are cream with elephants on them. (I love elephants) its my first so I had to go all out Smile

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I'm undecided on what we're doing for rooms! We have a 3 bedroom house. I have no real desire to move Evan out of his crib he loves it, sleeps all night and naps 2 hours in it so I think we'll buy another crib. I can't decide if we're going to make the 3rd bedroom the baby's room or just put the crib in it and leave the bed in it for guests and DH's desk in it then once baby is STTN move him in with Evan......

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wow, looks like I'm in the minority without a room for baby! Our apartment is TINY! Baby will be sleeping with us. Somehow, even though I don't have an entire room to renovate, I'm still a bit overwhelmed by the thought of getting our little place in order.

I'm pretty sure his stuff will be scattered ALL over our 600 square feet.

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We have three is ours, other is DS bedroom and other is DS therapy/playroom. Come Sept when DS is in school full time I will take apart the toy room and start getting baby girls room together. I am not going to set up the crib as I want to put a spare bed in it right now since my mom will be staying with us for at least a month while I heal from c-section. But I will get everything else set up in the room. She will be in a bassinet with us for the first little bit. Then when mom goes home I will put her crib up and put her in it when she is ready.

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I actually just got his furniture three days ago! I bought it off of the nicest guy ever on craiglist. I got the crib and dresser for $200, and the guy even delivered it to me because he had a trailer and I had no way of picking it up from him without having to rent a truck! DH helped him bring it into the house, then the guy even offered to come back and help us put the crib together if we needed it (there were no instructions, but I'm sure we can figure it out!). Then yesterday as I was wiping the pieces down, I found the original pricetags inside... the dresser sold for $530 and the crib was $470!! I couldn't believe I snagged $1000 worth of furniture for just $200! It's so beautiful, it's a very light wood and the top of the crib and the top of the dresser, along with the knobs on the dresser are stained a beautiful blue color. Now I just have to wait for DH to clean his crap out of his mancave so that I can turn it into the nursery. I'll paint first (I was thinking of doing stripes)then put the furniture up there, along with the Winnie the Pooh stuff I've picked out for the theme!