OB appt and 35 week belly pic

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OB appt and 35 week belly pic

So had my appt yesterday with my OB. Things are looking good. BP is up but it is looking like it is just higher BP and not pre-e. No protein in urine. Baby HB was in 140's. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead which is normal for me. Did the GBS test even though I am having a c-section. I see her weekly until I deliver...which is just two more times appts then delivery - crazy! She said wow - over 35 weeks. I said yep, I just have just about made it. She looks at me and says Melanie, you did make it. I just broke down. I always hoped and tried to think positive that this pg would go to term but to actually be at this stage is overwhelming....in a good way. She joked that after having a 1 1/2 pound baby that me having this baby will be like me having a 2 year old Smile And when I talked to her about the kidney problem she said she sees many of these cases that just resolve themselves. She thinks sometimes people are over tested and we find out things that just stress us and then when baby comes all is well. Hopefully this will be one of those times. I see an urologist tomorrow so will find out more. I am so happy with my OB! And here is a pic from last weekend.

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what a great appt! i love your OB too! "melanie, you did make it" sigh, how sweet! and glad she's not worried about the kidney issue. i hope it made you relax a little more about it.

and really, could you make a more beautiful pregnant lady? you look great!!

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You look great and congrats on making it to 35 weeks!!
Keep us posted on the urologist appt. We have another u/s for baby boys kidneys on 10/18.

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Oh, Melanie, your appointment sounded PERFECT! I love love her comment that you HAVE made it!! Good luck with that urology appointment tomorrow. I hope all resolves on its own.

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Oh wow, this post just made me so happy! I am so glad you have such a great Doc. What a wonderful appt!!

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I'm so happy for you! Smooth sailing from here on out!

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What a fab appointment with an awesome Doc! I'm so happy for you Melanie and you look fantastic!

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Congrats on making it!! Smile Fingers crossed that it's smooth sailing and a healthy baby

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You made it!!! Also, I hope that she is born without the kidney problem. My fingers are crossed for you!

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You HAVE made it! Yahoo

I'm glad your doc seems confident her kidneys could well resolve themselves Smile

You look great!

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I'm so happy for you!! Congrats on a great appt!