OB and Peri Appt - With a BEAUTIFUL 3D Pic

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OB and Peri Appt - With a BEAUTIFUL 3D Pic

Yesterday, I had a NST at my Peri's office followed by my 36 week appt next door at my OB's office (I love that they are next door to each other!)

The NST went well! It went a little longer than expected because little Devin was in a sleep pattern and they wanted to see heart excellerations on the strip. So they kept buzzing my belly to wake him up. It tickled! LOL! And it worked! Baby Devin passed the test with flying colors!

After the NST, my peri wanted to do a quick growth scan (Last week he said he didn't need to do a growth scan but he did one anyways...he spoils me!) Devin is on track! Not to big, thank goodness. And I couldn't get over the 3D images I was seeing on the screen. It was like watching a movie! (Devin's pic below)

After my peri appt, I saw my OB and got a quick group B strep test done. Since I saw the peri before this appt, there wasn't much to really discuss. I'm healthy, blood pressure is perfect and I even lost 4 pounds! Amazing I can lose weight while Devin continues to grow.

Spent the rest of the time discussing the producer's wish to film my birth at the hospita for a show on OWN network. He is all for it and told me the only thing is if something goes wrong during the delivery, the camera must be turned off. Other than that, he would like a copy of the birth! LOL!

So here is a pic of my beautiful little boy, Devin....

He looks just like Daddy!! Can't wait to squeese those cheeks! I'm so grateful! Smile

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Fabulous! Congrats on great appointments and getting a great peek at lil Devin! Awwww

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Wow, great picture! Glad you had such a great appt.

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His lips are so pouty! What a great pic. I'm so glad you've had such a healthy pregnancy. Dirol

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Thanks, ladies! I can't wait to hold him...smell him, kiss him all over his face! It's been almost 10 years since we've had a new addition to the family. After the journey we've been on, I'm so looking forward to this beautiful reward! Smile

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Still love the pic a second time around lol! It's so great... look at those lips!!