OMG!! 4 weeks??? I SO cant do this!

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OMG!! 4 weeks??? I SO cant do this!

My OB booked my C-section for MONDAY OCT 24TH!!! At 8am.... Holy CRAP! Thats 4 weeks from now! Im so not ready... I will be 38w and 1 day... He planned it for that day because it being my 4th hes nervous about me going early and my hubby working 8hrs away. I really need prayers because I have nothing ready and my hubby has to leave for Prince George less than a WEEK after I have the baby, leaving me with 4 kids.... Plus HALLOWEEN!!?? How am I going to take my kids out?? With a one week old... ok, I have to stop talking about it cause Im going crazy...

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Oh wow, it is soon! At least you do have a date and you can make a list of things to take care of, to get ready. Halloween- can you just take them in the most immediate neighborhood? Try to get some easy costumes for your sweeties now, so you don't have to scramble later.
Do you live far away from family? Maybe you can talk to some moms and have them recommend a responsible teenager to help you out?
At any rate, try to breathe and not freak out. You can't ever be absolutely ready, something always pops up...
Maybe meet us on Large Families Board too?

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freaking out a bit too... I'll be going in anytime after the 18... Crazy!!

I don't have any family around either, my inlaws stress me out and make things worse and my dh is well, uninterested.

I only have one daughter, but well be dressing up and doing the trick or treating thing too. My neighbours have offered to take her but it's something I want yo do. That said, with hour I can't even imagine how tired you'll be.

It's probably time to ask neighbours or the kids friends parents to take them. You can always tell your kids that because Daddy will be away that someone gas to stay and give out the candy. It would at least give you a pseudo break for an hour it two.

My advice? Make as many freezer meals as you can and load ip on prepackaged and washed veggies for easy meals.

*big hugs*

if I still lived in van I'd help you!!

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Wow time is flying by!!! 4 weeks is so close.. But I'm sure you will be fine.

As for halloween I would get some help with that. I know walking around a week after my c-section was still painful. I wouldn't over do it. Hope you can figure something out.

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OMG that's so incredibly close! I would be nervous too, but super excited!!! That's so great! It's kind of nice knowing when you'll deliver (whether it's due to a scheduled c-section or being induced) so that you can be totally prepared. As far as Haloween goes, I wouldn't sweat it! Bust out that new stroller, bundle baby up, and have tons of fun (as long as you feel up to it)!

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Thanks guys. Smile Its a month away today. Im def getting my gf to make up a bunch of freezer meals. I have family, but they are quite busy and they seem to think I can do everything by myself. Sad

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Maybe a friend will help out and join you for halloween. That sucks your DH has to go out of town so quick. Exciting to have a date though, 1 month from today!!! Biggrin