OT: easter bunny fail

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OT: easter bunny fail

ok this board has had way too many sad things happen to it so let's find something to laugh at...like, my son.

tried to take him to see the easter bunny today. now, he has been to disney world 4 times already and always liked the characters and he even liked santa this past christmas. well, i guess he is now in the scared stage because:

and that was the BEST picture! all the other ones were full on screaming ones but i didn't want to pay almost $30 for one of those!

happy easter everyone Wink

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I think a giant bunny would be quite intimidating!

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The easter bunny in general is a little intimidating even to me lol.I am ust one of those people who love the pictures of the kids screaming on santa or the easter bunnys lap though.Too bad none of mine were ever afraid lol.
Great pic thanks for sharing I needed a giggle today.

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Poor thing...he looks so scared. And so does your son. hahaha Smile Cute pic!

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Awwe!!! He is so cute though! Such a handsome little man!!

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I love it! I have a great one framed on my wall of Melodie with Santas fake beard pulled half way off his face, and shes screaming. Its one of my favourite pictures of all!!