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Okay, I am getting painful feelings I never felt with Jack...he never descended or engaged...he was so tall...
So this is what I am feeling-like someone is taking a knife and stabbing my cervix from the inside, sometimes it just feels like the scraping of a PAP test, but from the inside again. Sometimes it happens when I am sitting down (like right now), sometimes when I am walking...it makes me stop in my tracks!
Um-is this the baby's head perhaps?

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I get it all the time.....my kiddo's head is way down and engaged (the Nurse even told me she tried tapping it and it didn't move lol gotta love it). I can't recall if i felt it with Evan but it is a weird/painful/odd sensation that almost gives me the willies

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hmmm I don't think I have had those feelings.. I'm kinda glad I don't but feel bad for you, Hope it doesn't last very long.

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I get those all of the time... it feels like someone gave baby a fork and told him to have a field day in there lol!! It happens for me when I walk for more than a few minutes...