out of breath

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out of breath

for some reason i have been more out of breath....certain times I am fine other times not..i feel like i have to take a huge breathe to get enough oxygen especially during workouts! it makes my workout very difficult..

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Ah yes and it only gets worse as baby grows Wink Climbing stairs is my killer!

You could try reducing the intensity of your workout?

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i didnt really have issues last pg so i was caught off gaurd with it.....i have not intentionally reduced intensity of workouts alot because i stop to breathe all the time! lol i cannot imagine what i will feel like in 6 months

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I get out of breath just walking the dog...so unfit!!...LOL

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If you are getting out of breath your body is telling you it is time to slow down. Exspecially during a work out.The increase in blood flow has a huge impact on your lungs which is why you feel out of breath so easy.Even the fittest of people have that problem.

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I have been out of breath since before I got my BFP, one of the highlights of having asthma,ha!
If I remember the breathlessness caused by the blood volume gets better and is replaced by the breathlessness caused by the bump, which does not feel as bad in my opinion.

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You could be iron deficient. Try getting your levels checked. It is definitely a possibility. Especially since your blood volume increases during pregnancy.

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thanks for the insight ladies..i really hope i dont have to quit working out as i dont want to "roll" in to L&D lol!!! my next gym trip is tommorow, lets see how it goes..I def have been staying away from the jumping jacks and other things though!

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I totally hear what you're saying!! I'm a part-time fitness instructor and the first week or so I would get out of breath just WALKING! However, it has improved greatly. I taught my TurboKick class tonight and wasn't tired at all. I've noticed that with working out, my body goes into shock if I don't do a good warm up and let it know it's time to get going! That has helped me a lot since my BFP. Good luck and keep movin'!!