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I've read so much conflicting stuff on the great pacifier debate. I've heard it can mess up a latch on BF babies but also can reduce the incidence of SIDS. And I've heard stories of LO's not being able to give them up at a certain point.

What say you, BTDT mamas?! Help me make a decision, once and for all!

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DS loved his pacifier, but then again I didn't breastfeed him so I never had to deal with latching issues. It was also really easy to wean him off before his 1st birthday. In fact, I just stopped giving it to him one day and that was it. I thought I would have an issue getting him to wean, but he never even asked for it. I will be BFing this baby and I decided to not introduce a pacifier until she has successfully latched. We took a BFing class and that is what they suggested we do. I wrote it in my birth plan so the nurses know not to give her one.

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I'm a huge paci advocate Smile

I breastfed DS for almost 1-year and it did not interfere at all. No problems with latching, he took it from the start. It was so nice to have an instant sleep aid! DS was the best sleeper too!! pop that sucker in and he was out! Weaning him from it wasn't too tough either. He had a few visits from the binki fairy and we were done!

I think it all depends on your kid too. Some won't take it.

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My babies both hated them. They just wanted to nurse all the time instead!

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Used them with all four of my babies. I breastfed all of them as well. No problem with latch or weaning. Smile

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I had decided not to but then she cried a lot so I popped one in. Big mistake for us! She liked to spit it out then we'd have to go and put it back. Something about the germ factor on them freaks me out. She got one for two days and that was it. I'm not ruling it out this time (I've bought two) but I hope not to resort to giving her one.

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I love pacis! My oldest didn't take one and he didn't take a bottle either ( he would gag if I tried to give it to him) so I was on boob duty seemingly 24/7 which got really tiresome fast. I think it contributed to me getting PPD after he was born-I am not saying the only reason, but contributing factor. The babies have a strong suck reflex when they are little and they will use your boob as a pacifier.
So with all of my subsequent babies I offered a paci from birth and we didn't have any latch issues. I like the soothers that they give them in the hospital, we also use avent pacis.

As for giving them up, weaning them before they are 1 ( around 6 months or so) is a good idea. Not offering the paci during the day at all ( making it a nightime thing only) for an older baby- helps with the attatchment issue.

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Never used a paci for any of my children. They didn't like them, not one, but then they were all nursed, they didn't like bottles either. *Sigh*

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I nursed for 14 months. We started a bottle and pacifier around a month. We never had an issue with latching. We took it away around a year with minimal issues. Ds wasn't happy, but after a day or so he forgot about it!

Funny side note...I have most of the baby stuff out and hte nursery done. Ds who is now 3 was playing in the nursery while I dried my hair a couple weeks ago. I went in the room when I was done. He was sitting in there with a pacifier in his mouth with a receiving blanket!! Smile He said LOOK Mommy I found my binky!!!! Smile It was pretty cute.

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I think truly you just have to wait to see what your baby wants/needs. Evan loved to comfort nurse and I REALLY wished in those first few weeks he'd just take a paci. But nope. NEVER. He hated them. I tried and my trying never impacted his latch - he took a bottle at about 2 weeks old that didn't hurt his latch either (and he took bottles fine but hated pacis).

I have a nephew who is 2 and they've had a nightmare of a time trying to break him of the paci. Based on watching them struggle I think if we offer one this time I'll probably try to wean it before the baby is old enough to really understand 6-8 months'ish. My nephew kept it until he was old enough to really realize he WANTED it and ask for it etc and now they have a screaming, sleepless, raging 2 year old when they try to take it away.

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My kids were both paci kids. It sure was a pain to break them of the habit, but it was also my saving grace when they were babies!

DD didn't have one until she was 5 days old - then my mom stuck on in her mouth and said "This will be your sanity" Wink She used a paci until she was nearly 3 years old (only for bedtime by that point). I do wish I had taken it away sooner, but it worked for us. She has good teeth and excellent speech, so it never interfered there.

DS got one in the hospital- I brought them in prep, because I loved it with DD! I recently got rid of his paci in June when he was just under 2 and a half. He was sad for about 2 days, and forgot about it completely in a week.

I plan to use one again with this baby, but I have heard that 7-8 months is a good time to wean them off. We'll see if I can do it! The "plug" is a big part of my sanity Wink

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Im really weird. I dont like my kids to have anything baby after 1. No bottles, no pacifiers, ect. We have always brought them to the hopsital and they were fine with it. No nipple confusion or anything. I usually just stop putting them in around 6m.

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DD was a paci addict. I have a picture of her with TWO pacis in her mouth at the same time when she was about 7 months old. HILARIOUS! lol

Anyway, I didn't BF, so I wasn't so worried about her having nipple confusion, but as far as taking it away... I did it when she was about 18 months old. At 17 months, I took it away except at nap and night time. At 18 months I threw them all away and that was that. It took a few days for her to get used to it, but it wasn't overly traumatic for her or me. In fact, when we moved about a year later, we found a few of her pacis in boxes in her bedroom and she couldn't even figure out how to put them in her mouth! LOL She just looked at it like "WTH is this weird thing?"

I'm planning on BF'ing this time and I'm going to also use a paci at least at night and nap because of the SIDS thing.

Personally, I think most babies are smart enough to know that the milk comes from the boob and the paci doesn't give them the 'good stuff' lol

But like PP's have said, some babies don't even like them. I'd buy one or two to have on hand just in case, but I'd kind of let the baby lead the way on whether to use a paci or not.

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I am absolutely all for the paci!!! I never had a problem with them latching onto me. Trust me, whether it be at 3AM or in the middle of a resaraunt, you'll want to stick something in your baby's mouth if they're refusing to settle down... and better a paci than a thumb! All three of my babies had a pacifier, and I had no trouble with any of them weaning them off of it. By the time all of them were two years old the paci was gone (you first take it away during the day, then slowly at night by telling them you don't know where it is lol!). I've already bought pacifiers for Trystan! They truely are God's gift to moms!

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i haven't read the responses yet but will go back and do so after i post. i just HAD to write the following:

you simply CANNOT make that decision before the baby comes! really! i thought i would NEVER give my child a pacifier. no way no how. i poo-pooed them all the time. well, that lasted three days. my boy was a sucker! he needed something in his mouth at all times and my boobs just couldn't keep up. after the third day we bought a pacifier. and you know what? i'm glad we did. it gave me a little break. and he had such bad colic that the only thing that seemed to help was to dip the gripe water into the nipple of the pacifier to get him to suck.

now, he's over 2 and still uses his "gogie" and i wish i had taken it away. but you know what? he won't get married with it. i try to take it out whenever i can and just give it to him for sleeping and car riding. we'll start getting rid of it after the baby comes.

anyway, my point is that it's hard to say if you'll use it or not. some kids seem to really love it. some kids just don't take it at all. who knows, maybe this new baby won't be interested in a paci!

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With Joshua he took it from the start, and just before 2 he gave it up very easily. And when he was around 18 months I think he was only using it for night time and naps anyways so it wasn't very hard.

With Kay she would not take it at all in the beginning, she didn't like the bottle either.. Then around 5 months we bought a bigger sized soother and she took it no problem but that was also around the time that we had to start giving her a bottle so who knows..

It's really a wait and see kind of thing.. Some babies like them, some babies could care less and some babies love them and need them..

Just make the best decision for you baby and everything will be fine Smile

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I was on the fence about using one. I guess I will take cues from baby and have one on hand, just in case. That makes sense to wean them off the paci before they are old enough to realize they want it. Thanks for all the feedback!

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Just wanted to chime in. DD was given a paci in the hospital which I was not thrilled about, but she didn't have any trouble with latch or anything she nursed like a champion. She didn't use it for very long, we thought it was so cute when she found her thumb sometime around 3 months old. Well now that she is 5 and in Kindy, plus has messed up her teeth, it is so not cute! So in that way I wish she'd used a paci that could be lost, tip cut off, etc so she could have been weaned.

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"Summer05" wrote:

Just wanted to chime in. DD was given a paci in the hospital which I was not thrilled about, but she didn't have any trouble with latch or anything she nursed like a champion. She didn't use it for very long, we thought it was so cute when she found her thumb sometime around 3 months old. Well now that she is 5 and in Kindy, plus has messed up her teeth, it is so not cute! So in that way I wish she'd used a paci that could be lost, tip cut off, etc so she could have been weaned.

Yeah, I'd take a paci over a thumb any day!

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It's not weird to take your baby off "baby" things by one. My dr. Told me in no uncertain terms no bottles, no packs after their first bdays!

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We tried giving ds a paci many a time and he wouldn't take it. There would be times I wish he had taken it. We will try again with Aubrey and see what happens.