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Dh says painting will be done in two days and the floors will start going down Wednesday or Thursday!!! That means on Friday I can slowly empty my dd new bedroom on Friday and store the boxes downstairs in a closet until i'm ready to unpack!! Hopefully this means ill be able to access the furniture in there that is going on Freecycle and start to paint and put up mouldings. Could someone pinch me? I feel like I'm dreaming!!!

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Woohoo! I'm so glad things are getting done so you can stop stressing!

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Thats cool I cant wait to see pics Smile

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That sounds great! Hope this weekend has you finding everything in top shape!

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I am so happy that it is going smoothly for you. Can't wait to see pics when you are done.

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He finished painting!! Of course the contractor can't come until Monday ( and were lucky he can come then!!) but we're going to go pick out hard wood for the stairs, floating floor (I can't for the life of me remember what it's called in English, fake wood) for the family room and music studio and tile fir the bathroom! Well also pick out a toilet and a vanity so that I can pick them up when we're ready. I am hoping that next weekend I'll be able to install the shelves downstairs (I'm getting to be an expert on closet organization installation) and bring down the boxes and start Melodie's new room!

I emptied her closet and put up shelves etc for the new baby. I took all of Melodie's stuff and put it in her dresser. At 3:300 am she came into my room and asked who stole her closet! Maybe I should have waited a bit, I think she's feeling like I'm evicting her!