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Nothing fits. The bands on my mat pants aren't elastic enough and keep falling down. My dh plays in a swing band, so from now on I'm wearing his suspenders.

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Hee hee hee! I love the suspenders idea!

I only have 1 pair of pants that really fit nice. Most of my mat clothes are size small (from previous pregnancies) and the way my belly hangs out front, they are too small! I have one pair of size medium mat jeans that I LOVE and I will be wearing them pretty much every day now until I give birth!

Also, I have a nice pair of yoga pants that are comfy and fit under the belly. Most of my yoga stuff is too tight but I have a super nice extra stretchy pair.

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I have one super comfy pair from Maternity store and the rest is either too tight or falls off... I also wear my yoga pants.

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To be perfectly honest, I'm sitting here feeling super jealous that you ladies CAN wear pants! lol! Its been SO BLEEDING HOT here in Portland - we had a few days of blessed rain, but it will be heating up again this week.

Granted, I'm a huge wimp and I feel 85 degrees constitutes "too hot" for pants - I stick to my grubby, stretched-out pre-pregnancy skirts in that weather.

And Carianne, go for the suspenders! When I was in Moscow, I saw loads of very chic girls owning the look.

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Rock those suspenders! I've noticed that some of my maternity shirts and getting too small. WHAT THE HECK! I'm growing a giant baby in here.

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Lol my DH keeps saying that I need suspenders because my work pants are always falling down! I look like a total idiot every time I take a few steps because I have to yank them back up again!

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My pants are doing fine it is just the tops. They all seem to have shrunk in the dryer Smile and all my tops are summery and now fall is hitting and there are cold days but I am not going to buy tops when I only have 5 weeks left.