Pelvic and hips

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Pelvic and hips

Anybody having any pelvic or hip pains? The hip pains I had from last time so I was expecting that, as the joints in hips separate and make walking and getting up very painful. The pelvic pain that I experienced at like week 35 with Kay is starting to hurt me now at only 21 weeks. Probably because of the closeness of the pregnancies but man does it hurt getting up out of a chair Sad

Anybody else having any lovely pregnancy pains.

You would think that because we were giving life that it would be a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. lol

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My right hip, right groin and pelvis are all bothering me much more than my pregnancy with Evan. And much earlier. Sad Boo!

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Samantha, do you think you have SPD ( symphisys pubis dysfunction) ?

Is the pain right in the pubic bone area? I usually get that closer to the 3rd trimester and you are right- yours probably hurt sooner b/c of the closeness of the pregnancies. What helps me is to take as many little breaks during the day as possible and to sleep with a thick pillow between my legs.

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I am having major pubic bone pain! Even when I am just walking around, each time I step, my whole groin area hurts. Everything just feels so heavy. I swear my groin has been hurting for nearly 2 months now - isn't this too early??

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I don't think I have SPD, it doesn't happen all the time, just when I have been on my feet all day and then I sit down and try to get back up. I think it is just my body telling me to slow down and relax.

With all three kids here this weekend I have been on the go a lot more then during the week. Monday is for sure a relaxing day Smile

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No hip pain for me...just lower back pain. I'm so afraid I'll have bad back labor. Yikes! :eek: I hope you get some relief!

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Just when I'm trying to sleep! I do feel like I've been lifting heavy weights. All my muscles are achy these days.

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My sciatic nerve has been killing me. I think that it's my mattress now, though... as I've been on vacation the past week and stayed in two separate hotels, both with soft beds and didn't have one back ache my entire vacation, even though I must have walked at least five miles each day! But sure enough last night after sleeping in my bed I woke up with a backache. What irks me is the fact that I paid almost $2000 for a friggin' Tempur Pedic mattress and all it does during this pregnancy is give me a backache??!! Oh well, it's only during pregnancy, as it never gave me any problems before...