People are already trying to give me baby stuff.

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People are already trying to give me baby stuff.

Wow - this week I have 3 people wondering if I want baby stuff. From car seats, bassinets to clothes. My sister came down this weekend with a bassinet and a bouncy seat that was my nieces. It makes me kind of excited but still nervous. DH and I are so not ready to be buying anything or setting anything up or honestly even having any baby stuff in the house. But then I thought - why not. I am almost 14 weeks - we know the baby is doing great so why not plan for a future - may as well be positive. So I told the people that the stuff they want to give I would gladly about 2 months or so. Plus then we will know what we are having. Have you guys been going through anything like this?

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our son is 22 months old so we still have most of the baby stuff. i can TOTALLY see why you don't want to have the stuff in your house just yet. i mean, there's nothing wrong with having the stuff but i can relate to the superstition. my stupid BIL and SIL (it's a looooong story about my crazy ILs that i have a thread about them in my other BB!) wanted us to take all of their baby stuff BEFORE I WAS EVEN PREGNANT! of course, they just wanted us to store it since they live in an apartment but pretended they wanted to give it to us for our future kid. i did NOT take any of it. little did they know that at the time i had just had a miscarriage and was taking clomid and injectables trying to get pg.

it's nice that they are offering the stuff though! i totally get wanting to wait a little longer. i'd do the same thing. i'm sure they get it too Smile

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YES! This is my first so everyone is giving me stuff. I'm too nice to say NO so I'm storing it all in the nursery for now. After we find out gender I will go through and pick what I want and wash those items. Then all the left overs will go to Goodwill.

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My closet is full and I have already donated some of the things.My former sister in law gave me TONS of stuff last week.I have the bassinet and 3 bouncer seats sitting in my closet with tons of clothes to go through.I usually am the one giving the stuff away instead of taking it so now I kinda feel bad for shoving stuff on people lol.I am grateful for the help but wow it is alot to deal with already.