Pic of Parker!

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Pic of Parker!

Sorry it took so long Smile hope you like them!

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Awwe he is so cute! Little Man!!

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Omigosh he's flippin adorable, I just wanna squeeze him!

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Cheeks and hair!!!!! He's precious!

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i mean really, i just want to bite those cheeks! i love him! well done mama!

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that is totally cute!!!

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Omg how do you not suck the cheeks right off his precious little face??!!

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Its very hard not to play with his cheeks all the time lol Smile I am so blessed that he is such a good baby well tempered and sleeps well too! but he will not bf Sad so im pumping. not what I wanted but as long as he is getting my milk its way better than formula. It also gives DH a chance to bond with LO and help out at night Smile

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Absolutely adorable!! Smile