Pic of Trystan Magnus!

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Pic of Trystan Magnus!

Hey girls! Thanks for all of the love yesterday! Birth was short and sweet, I'll write up a story in the next few days. He weighed 9lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long, born at 453pm pacific time. Here's a pic!

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So cute! WTTW Trystan! Smile

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Omigosh he is gorgeous! Congrats again!

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Oh my word, I literally squealed out loud! Look at his darling little face!!!!!

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aww such a perfectly round chubby face! WTTW trystan!

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So cute! Congrats Mama!!!

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He's adorable!!! And you're in the biggest baby lead now :):)

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He is so handsome! Our babies are two days apart! Woo Hoo!! Congradulations again, Buddy!!

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Congratulations! Trystan is a beautiful baby!