Pics of Carrie's Baby Girl!

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Pics of Carrie's Baby Girl!

ADORABLE! Great job, Mama!

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The second was taken about two minutes after her birth! She was covered in vernix from head to toe! The doctor said it was the most shed ever seen. Her temp dropped after a few minutes and she had to be warmed up, I think it's because they took her coat off! She looked like a lamb!!

So ladies, if your water breaks and you have cottage cheese / white wool stuff in it, it's harmless... I had never heard of it being so thick and it was alarming but perfectly fine. It made her skin extra soft and cuddly!

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Posts: 535 cute! Just adorable!! Congrats!!

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Awww so sweet, congratulations Carrie! That's amazing about her little fleece coat, lol, she certainly was cozy in there which maybe explains why she was not in such a hurry to come out. I've heard Rachel means little lamb and Raewyn is the welsh version. KUP on what you've decided to name her Biggrin

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She is so cute, congrats!!!

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Beautiful girl! She needs a name Wink

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What an absolutely beautiful princess!! Congrats to you again!!