pics to introduce myself

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pics to introduce myself

So since I am a late poster in this group I thought I would just share a picture or two of my growing family Smile

This is our Family picture taken last weekend. Joshua is the blonde haired boy he will be 5 in september and Stephen is the dark haired boy and he will be 4 in August. Kay is the little cutie pie Smile

And just an extra of Kay messing around with her food cause daddy looked away for 2 seconds. lol

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Awww lovely photos, TFS!

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What a cute family! You look so young too!

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You have a beautiful family! So nice to "meet" you all Smile

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lol. I don't feel so young. lol. Well at least my body doesn't. I just turned 26 on the 10th Smile I really did want to stay 25 for a while longer Smile

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Same age as me Biggrin I just turned 26 on June 12th. I feel "old" now too! Closer to 30 than 20.....

Beautiful family!

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Great pics...thanks for showing us your cutie kiddos!! Looking forward to getting to know you.

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Wish I could see your pic! Stupid work computer!