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Pics and update

Nicholas is a little over a month old now. He has been a great joy for us, the little kids can't get enough of him. Gabby, who is 4 thinks he is her little doll she wants to hold him, feed him, even wants to help with dressing him.... the cutest thing is when she tells him all about her day, she totally thinks he understands her- so cute!
We have gotten a first almost-smile and a coo. He is really alert.
The only non positive is his gassiness. Poor boy struggles with that.
Here are a few pics, long overdue.

Kasia called dibs on holding him first, weeks before he was born


4 weeks

I know it's blurry, it is really hard to snap a good pic of his teeth.


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what a handsome guy! he seems smart & so alert. Did he get your blue eyes?

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"sweetsriracha" wrote:

what a handsome guy! he seems smart & so alert. Did he get your blue eyes?

You know what? I am crossing my fingers that his dark blue eyes stay that way. It would be neat if he has them, but they can still change...

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You make cute kids! I'm glad you posted. I was just thinking about you the other day.

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now THAT is one beautiful family! congrats to you!

i can't get over those teeth! hey, at least that's two teeth you won't have to deal with later when he's uncomfortable due to teething Wink

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Aww, gorgeous! TFS! I can't hardly believe those teeth Biggrin

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What a wonderful family you have! And I can't believe he has teeth already! TFS

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** Lurker** Glad everything is going great! Your family is just adorable! Its so crazy that he has 2 teeth but he is a handsome little man!

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What a beautiful baby boy! Two teeth already? Wow!! How's BF going? Smile

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What an absolutely beautiful family you have!!

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Love love love the pics, Asha!! You have a beautiful family!
I absolutely cannot believe he has teeth already, that's crazy!
Thanks for sharing!

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What great looking kids you got!! I love the pics. That is so crazy about the teeth. I love all that hair!

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I just wanted to say that I love your new signature picture! How amazing to have all those kiddos! So many of them look just like you.