Pictures of Lily Hope!

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Pictures of Lily Hope!

**sorry - forgot to add link - here it is Smile

Here is a link to the pics I jut put on facebook...enjoy!

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No link? Also, I am not on FB, can I still see them?

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Sorry I updated the link now -thanks Asha.

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She is so stinking cute. And you can definitely tell she is already all-girl. A little early to tell, but I think she just may look like you! Congrats!

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She is beautiful Melanie. I teared up when I came across the one of Jacob and her, his smile is so big.

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Awwww she's adorable! You all are! TFS Melanie Biggrin

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Oh she is just precious!!!! Thank you for the lovely pics!!!

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Absolutely beautiful, Melanie!! Enjoy your sweet baby girl!

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beautiful name, beautiful baby, beautiful mama, beautiful family! love it!

thanks for sharing and congrats to you and your family! Smile

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ps - i just friended you on fb but it didn't let me say, "hey it's lily0624 from". so the nancy that just friended you is me Wink

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Beautiful!! All of them! I can never get over how your DS and DH are twins! And DS's smile says it all! Congrats on your full term , healthy, beautiful baby girl!

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she looks like a little cherub!!

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What a little darling!!! How is your recovery going?

Maya is so happy to have a birthday buddy!!

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she so adorable .. Smile congrats and big brother looks so overjoyed Smile

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What a beautiful little girl. I put a friend request on FB so if you wonder who Margaret is...wonder no more Smile

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beautiful! I love the pic of her and Ds. He is so happy, love that smile!!!!

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What a beautiful little princess you have! Congratulations momma!!