Placenta Previa anyone???

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Placenta Previa anyone???

*sigh*, my midwife just told me yesterday at my 14wk appointment that my ultrasound 2 weeks ago came back showing I have placenta previa. Thankfully it is only marginal, meaning the placenta is only partially covering my cervix, not fully. Phew! But.. since I have had 3 miscarriages in the past and am prone to UTI's and kidney stones while pregnant, I am now considered "high risk", and have to take it easy. The next 6-14wks are the most critical. I have my big u/s that I will be booking first week of July, but I have to go to the hospital to have a special u/s done to check my cervix. If I have any bleeding, I have to go to the hospital immediately, will be admitted, and then put on strict bed rest the remainder of the pregnancy. How that is possible with a 2yr old and 4yr old is beyond me, but I will do whatever it takes to keep baby healthy and safe! Oh, and my midwife also said no intercourse for the next 6wks.. poor dh! LOL... anyways, we still have not announced this pregnancy on facebook, nor will we be until my 20wk u/s is done with, to make sure everything is okay. Our family/close friends know we are expecting, but at this point I just don't feel comfortable posting about it on facebook. Just needed to write this out somewhere, so thanks for listening!
If anyone has had this, or has this with this pg, please share any words of advise!

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Sorry you have to deal with this Julie. The good thing is that it has been noticed and diagnosed! I knew someone on another BB who had complications at birth because they hadn't diagnosed her placenta previa. At least now that you know about it you can try and take it easy!

I hope your monkeys give you a break and I'll pray for a smooth pregnancy for you! With proper care, you should have no problems!


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:lurk: lurker from Oct 2011

I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa at 12 weeks. I was put on complete pelvic rest (which basically means no DTD) and was restricted in lifting, pulling and generally doing too much. I was scheduled for a new U/S every 4 weeks.

I just got back from my 21 week appt today. I no longer have previa. It moved up just like it was supposed to. I never had any spotting or bleeding BUT I did take it VERY easy. I have a 20 lb 19 month old so that wasn't always easy.

My advice... take it easy. Rest & drink plenty of water. This is the perfect reason to let stuff go. Close family even cooked a lot of our meals and brought them to us. Housework can wait and get creative with how to play with your kids while resting on the couch. It's good to know when you have previa, I think. This way if you do have any bleeding you will know what it is from and will know the proper course of action. From what I do know, marginal previa at 14 weeks is plenty of time to move. It may even correct itself by your next U/S. *fingers crossed* Smile

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Sounds like great info from helpful lurker Anita! I was told at my first US with DD there was 'concern of partial placenta previa' but when I had the followup US at about 25 wks all was looking fine. I hope you can take it easy on yourself and get the extra rest you need!

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There is a girl named Sarah on the UK board she has experience on this. Her sn is Uropachild (I think). She has lots of info on it. Here is her blog: . I will send her a pm and ask her to check it out over here.

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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your advise, especially Anita! Smile
I will definately try to take it easy.... and I know Sarah from a previous board, I will send her a PM.. I know her story... thanks again!! Smile

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Good luck with everything... maybe it will move up within the next few week! I know your DH would like that lol... men!

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I also has this condition with my first pregnancy. You really do just have to take it easy and do less so you are no strained. Sending you moving up vibes and I hope the placenta moves up as the baby grows

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Julie-that's good that you know about your condition!!! I hope it doesn't affect too much of your life, and that baby (and you) are healthy!

and btw-we're not sharing on facebook till after the 20 week ultrasound either. Just want to enjoy only a few people knowing. family/close friends/random woman at the store who noticed my tummy two days ago...

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"annestacy" wrote:

and btw-we're not sharing on facebook till after the 20 week ultrasound either. Just want to enjoy only a few people knowing. family/close friends/random woman at the store who noticed my tummy two days ago...

ROFL too funny!

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Most migrate up as time moves on. I hope yours does!