Positive results

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Positive results

Meaning and my baby is perfectly healthy! I am so releived you couldn't even imagine Smile We didn't find out the sex, I'm not quite ready to know for some strange reason. I'll find out on June 28th at my anatomy scan. Until then I am revellling in knowing my LO is going to be just fine.

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Glad you got good results! Smile

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how wonderful!!!! Smile

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YAY!!! Lol

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Yay for a healthy you and baby!

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I am so very very happy for you!!! Time to just relax and enjoy this little one!!

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Excellent news!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!!:):)

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fantastic news!!!!:D
I hear what you are saying, I am waiting until my 20 week ultrasound, rather than when I get my Amnio results,for the gender.

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its strange but having gone through this, it really makes the gender unimportant. I never thought Id say that but its true!

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great news~ Smile

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Freesia, I'm so happy for your great news! I wish the risk of false positives on these tests wasn't so high....

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Congrats Freesia, this is great news - now Enjoy!!!!

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Yay for a healthy baby!